4 Reasons I Love FastDraw

By Justin Scanson

Alright Coaches, listen up! Fall is here, football has started and I know from experience that basketball coaches across the country can’t stop thinking about the basketball season that is right around the corner. As coaches are sketching out ideas, sets, and plays on yellow legal pads, I absolutely must tell you the 4 reasons I love FastDraw.


  1. Get Organized – The ability to build your play library, organize it, and search it is one of FastDraw’s best features. As a former High School Coach and D1 assistant, I’ve attended dozens of basketball coaching clinics in the last 15 years. With every clinic came pages and pages of notes, plays, and sets. Before getting FastDraw while at Montana State, those notes, plays, and sets all ended up in binders and notebooks that ended up on a bookshelf or in a filing cabinet, never to be seen again. (Actually I just found them in a storage bin, I’m ashamed)
  2. FastBuild – My absolute favorite FastModel feature is FastBuild. FastBuild is an action you can use to start your next frame from the point you left off. This eliminates the need to place players every time you go to a new frame. Your players automatically advance to the location of their cut or screen, and then ball follows the pass lines to give the ball to the correct player (It’s Awesome). More on FastBuild HERE.
  3. Plays & Drills Library – As I write this post, our library has 4343 plays and drills and its growing every day. Our amazing group of #TeamFastModel coaches are always sending us the best #XsOs in basketball. Go check it out HERE. (And check out my favorite set HERE)
  4. FastTrade – Not only does our Play Library have thousands of great plays and drills, you can have them all! By using FastTrade, you can send plays from our library directly to your FastDraw software. Once you have the play in your software, you can edit, tweak, rename and make it your own. You can also FastTrade your plays and drills amongst your coaching friends. Read more on FastTrade HERE.




We want to help power your preparation this season with FastDraw®, basketball’s most trusted play diagramming tool.  FastDraw is used by ALL U.S. of Professional teams, over 85% of U.S. College Teams, and thousands of high school and youth coaches from around the world.


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