Top 10 Plays of 2015 – pt 1

By Justin Scanson

2015 was a great year for us at FastModel Sports. With the launch of and the growth of our Basketball Plays & Drills Playbank, we were able to share more great #XsOs with our coaching community than ever before. The driving force behind our success has been our amazing group of basketball coaches willing to share their knowledge and grow the game of basketball.

Here are FastModel Sports’ Top 10 Plays of 2015

(Click on any of these diagrams to open the play in our Playbank and click “Send to FastDraw” to add the play to your FastDraw library)


#101-3-1 Zone Offense by Bert DeSalvo


#9Baylor 1-4 Low Pop by FastModel Sports


#81-4 Press Break by Andreas Barthel


#7Stars Zone Offense by Matt Monroe


#65 Out Zone Continuity Offense by Randy Sherman


This is a simple five-out zone continuity offense vs. 2-3 zone. It is designed to involve all players in short corner, high post. Good for a team with interchangeable parts.


  • After you pass from point to wing you flare away
  • When the ball is passed from point to wing the player in the opposite corner flashes
  • If the ball is on the wing, the weakside wing cuts to short corner and holds there so long as the ball remains on the wing.
  • When the ball is at the point, the team is five-out

Action repeats with every ball reversal!


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