FastModel Friday: Top 10 NCAA Sets of Nov – Dec

By Gibson Pyper

Welcome to FastModel Friday! Beginning this Friday and every Friday for the remainder of the basketball season we will take a look at some of the best #XsOs, focusing on college basketball. Primarily this will be used to take a look at some of the best action, set plays, and specials that college basketball provides with Big Monday ESPN games. If you have any suggestions for FastModel Friday sets, be sure to tweet to either @FastModel or @HalfCourtHoops and we will include them in the breakdown! This week we will take a look at the top 10 sets from November and December.

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#10 – Northern Kentucky Flare vs 2-3 Zone


Northern Kentucky ran a really good flare set vs a 2-3 zone that allowed for an open look at the basket. After reversing the ball, 4 & 5 step outside the paint and screen the top 2 men of the zone. This allows the off ball guard to catch and attack quickly, almost like a quick hitting pick and roll action.

#9 – Radford Hand Off/Stagger


Radford had a huge upset against Georgetown early in the season, and this set was part of why. Designed to get some movement as the guards cut through, a big after the reversal will hand off after the guards interchange on the wing. After the hand off the guard who cut towards the basket will then cut off a double stagger screen to look for a shot.

#8 – Rice Ram Trade


A good pick and roll set that Rice ran with success against California, the “Ram” action is common throughout the NBA. What you see is a guard setting a down screen on a big who then sprints up into a pick and roll with the point guard. The key to this set is the Roll & Replace action that the 4 man creates after the pick and roll.

#7 – NC State “RAV”


When looking for a score, NC State turns to this set to get a shooter to attack off a triple screen. The set is used with the hand signal “3 Down” and is an extension of NC State’s UCLA series in their base offense. The point guard cuts through off of the UCLA screen and then back to the top. This triggers the wing to pass to the point guard and use the triple screen to get open for a shot.

#6 – East Carolina Double Rip vs Zone


When looking for quick hitters against a zone, a lot of coaches tend to find a weak spot on the baseline to attack. A common action is to have both bigs cross and set backscreens on the 2 low men on the weak side. East Carolina uses action similar to this for a lob, but both bigs try to find the same man to screen.

#5 – Arizona Elevator


A simple but effective Elevator set that Arizona runs when they look to get Gabe York either a score or an open look from the corner.

#4 – Illinois Horns Twist Thunder


A good Horns set designed by Illinois, the side you wish to get a player an open look is emptied after the first ballscreen. This set is to get a stretch 4 an open look, after he sets a ballscreen he dives toward the rim. Big on the opposite elbow then follows into a ballscreen and then sets a down screen for the 4 man to get an open shot.

#3 – Clemson Zip Pin Slip


Great quick hitter to have a big man slip a pin down screen. This works especially well if a team likes to show hard on a pindown screen to prevent a shot.

#2 – Georgia Tech Hawk Double Turnout


Georgia Tech runs a great counter out of the normal Hawk Double set that is prevalent throughout the NBA. Instead of having a guard come off a double screen after the Hawk screen, he curls it and the guard that set the double will turn and run out to the 3 point line looking for a shot.

#1 – Boise State Throwback Invert


Boise State, yes, Boise State has the number one play of the year so far. Normally teams run a good throwback set to creat and open shot for their guards, but Boise State has good big men who can shoot. Instead of looking for a guard off of the throwback screen he then dives to the rim and screens the big mans defender who pops to the 3 point line, creating an open shot.

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