Hammer Shooting with Dr. Dish

By Nick Bartlett

Many think that basketball shooting machines are only for off-season training. But, it’s critical to make sure that every player is getting plenty of repetitions during the season as well with basketball shooting drills. Even more importantly, it’s essential that players are getting up game-like shots!

Coach Nick of BBALLBREAKDOWN got on the court to demonstrate practicing the Hammer Action on the Dr. Dish. Check out the video below for how you can work on “Hammer Shooting” and incorporate the action in your offense.

Whether it’s a designed play in your offense or just an action for each time one of your player’s drive to the baseline, the Hammer Action is a great option to get open corner jump shots.

It’s very important to make sure players understand that if one of their teammates attacks towards the baseline, the opposite side wing needs to rotate to the corner to give the driver an easy kick out option. Once the ball handler has confidence that his teammate will be there ready to receive the pass, the play becomes that much more dangerous.




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So if you’re a coach, this is an action that should be in your offense. And if it’s in your offense, it should be practiced! With Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machines you can get hundreds of Hammer Shooting reps up in minutes! Even if you don’t have a shooting machine, you can use these basketball drills to improve your shooting.

Together with Dr. Dish, we’ve created The Dr. Dish Shooting Drill Book, which includes 30 drills ready to implement with your team today! The playbook includes spot shooting, team shooting, post work, offense specific shooting, and full court drills.

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Dr. Dish is a new breed of shooting machine that gives coaches training intelligence to win more games!

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