3 Questions to Help You Lead Through Adversity

By Stephanie Zonars

Many of you probably saw this video. Coach Monty Williams of the Oklahoma City Thunder gave a touching eulogy of his wife, Ingrid, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident.

A shorter version went viral, but I wanted to post the eulogy in its entirety in case you did not see it.

His message of hope and forgiveness is not a typical response to tragedy, which is why it touched so many people. It’s a supernatural reaction to a heartbreaking situation.

Monty has experienced God’s love and forgiveness and passes that message of hope along to others in the midst of the toughest time of his life. Extraordinary for sure.

There is a message here for all of us, regardless of what we believe about God and the Bible. Monty repeated a few times, “Let’s not lose sight of what’s important.”

In tough times we become myopic. Our problems get very big and consume all our thoughts. They color everything we see.

Monty was able to pull himself up out of the tragedy and see the bigger picture—that God loves him and is going to work it out. That the other family impacted by the accident is also hurting and in need of forgiveness and prayers.

I don’t know what tough situation you face today. Maybe an issue at home has your stomach in knots. Perhaps you have to address team drama. Or maybe you’re scared you might lose your job.

Leading through adversity requires the ability to see the big picture, and to help others see it too.—Tweet That!

Whatever problem threatens to consume you today, take a moment to get above it.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.

Ask yourself three things:

What is the truth?
Who is important?
For what or whom can I give thanks?

The first question helps us wade through the faulty thoughts that often accompany adversity, in order to get to the truth. We can’t see the big picture if we’re stuck in a cycle of rehearsing negative and/or false mental messages.

The second question reminds us that people’s lives are in the mix. How will you value and care for the other people touched by the problem? Make your ultimate objective to handle people’s hearts with integrity and compassion.

And the last question leads us toward the silver lining—the glimmer of positive that brings perspective and hope.

No matter what we go through this week, let’s not lose sight of what’s important.

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