NCAA Tournament Preview: Maryland Terrapins

By Timothy Hipps


The Maryland Terrapins have had a somewhat successful season remaining within the Top 20 all season under the leadership of Head Coach Mark Turgeon. Turgeon’s utilized a playbook that has works with the strengths of his players. Melo Trimble, a talented pick and roll point guard, Diamond Stone, a mobile freshman big man, and seasoned leaders Rasheed Sulaimon and Jake Layman are all go to guys in very specific sets. In addition to Early Offense drag and double drag screens, here are 3 sets the Terps have had great success with all year and sure to use in the tournament.

Early Cross Punch & Cross Fist

This early offense package allows point guard with great attacking and pick and roll ability to get into the lane very quickly.  The post up option for the low post or short corner post is often used to give the 4 or 5 a lay-up or a mid range jump shot from the post.



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Floppy Seal

This Floppy set has put the 3 man in position for an easy lay-up on just about every occasion for the Terps.  Rarely does this set lead to a perimeter look.  Notice the corner 3 option that took place vs North Carolina when the low post pass was denied.


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Maryland Motion

This play is great in that it recognizes that Rasheed Sulaimon is excellent at turning the corner especially going left.  This weave action has every one mobile, and all defenders thinking and second guessing on the move.  The final action is a ball screen that’s available as soon as the attacking guard catches the ball.

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Timothy Hipps

Timothy Hipps is an assistant coach at Central High School in Capital Heights, MD. He is also the founder of Math-n-Basketball Academy, a youth basketball organization that also offers academic support to players. Coach Hipps uses basketball statistics, scouting reports and game technology to integrate sports with mathematics and literacy in Maryland public schools. While coaching at amateur levels, he has sought to adapt NBA actions and offenses for youth and high school teams. Hipps is adamant about offering professional preparation, collaboration, and effort at the recreational and interscholastic levels. While a head basketball coach at the interscholastic level, Hipps' teams won 3 league championships in five seasons. You can follow Timothy on Twitter @mathnbasketball.
January 9, 2016: Maryland Terrapins guard Melo Trimble #2 in action during the NCAA Basketball game between the Maryland Terrapins and the Wisconsin Badgers at the Kohl Center in Madison, WI. Maryland defeated Wisconsin 63-60. John Fisher/CSM(Credit Image: © John Fisher/CSM via ZUMA Wire)

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