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By Craig LeVasseur

Basketball season may be over for the summer, but the season for new computers and IT department “updates” is just getting started. Whether you are finally getting ready to dump that old computer for a shiny new one, or you just want to make sure that all of your hard work in FastDraw is protected this summer, we have the tips that you will need to pick up this fall right back where you left off in the spring.


Saving Your Work to the FastModel Cloud

This is the number one, most important step that you can take prior to the end of the school year. By saving your work to the FastModel cloud, your plays are protected from hard drive crashes, updates, theft, or any other calamity that can happen to your computer. With your FastDraw subscription, you have access to download your Backup save from the cloud at any time, and the FastModel Support Staff also has access to these files if you ever need help. Best of all, it’s a simple process that requires nothing more than clicking the Backup icon in FastDraw.


If you would like to learn all of the details about the cloud Backup feature in FastDraw, please check out this article.


Manually Backing Up Your Save File

While backing up your plays to the cloud server is the quickest and easiest way to save your work, adding an extra layer of security by manually backing up your save file never hurts. You can do this by manually uploading your save file to a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox, or you can save your file on an external hard drive, which is also a good option if you are without Internet access at any point.


We have put together this article, which will help you locate your save file.


Moving FastDraw to a New Computer

By saving your work to the FastModel cloud server, you’ve already taken the first step necessary to transfer your FastDraw program to a new computer. Activating FastDraw on a new computer and downloading your save file from the cloud is a quick and easy process, which you can follow along with in this article.


IT Department Updates

Whether you are a high school coach or a college coach, we have seen that IT departments at every level like to make summer updates to computers, and they aren’t always overly concerned about communicating their upcoming changes ahead of time. These updates can erase both your FastDraw software and your FastDraw save file, so it is best to be prepared ahead of time.


If you have been saving regular Backups to the FastModel cloud, then getting back up and running on your computer is as easy as following the steps above for activating FastDraw on a new computer. Once you have activated your program again, you will be able to download your last Backup save.


If your IT department already beat you to the punch and you were not able to save a Backup before the update, then hopefully they retained the data from your computer before they initiated the update. If so, you can use the information in this article to help your IT department locate the “master.fdb” save file that contains all of your work. When you’ve located this file and transferred it back to your computer’s hard drive, contact our Support Team and we can help you get it loaded back into FastDraw.


With these tips, the plays and playbooks that you worked hard on last season will be protected this summer, and you will be ready to hit the ground running come fall.

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