Shooting Drills to Enhance Your Offense – Ballscreen Sets

By Timothy Hipps

One of the things that has been useful for our program is the ability to turn most of our offensive plays into shooting drills. Not only are our players getting up a great amount of shots, they are practicing the necessary footwork, muscle work, and floor movement that make our sets successful. Shooting reps and playbook reps are both things that can eat up a great deal of time, in and out of season.


This is part one in a five-part series on shooting drills to enhance your offense. Hopefully, some of these drills will be useful to you. If not, maybe you can design a drill that repeats the most crucial action of your go-to plays.

Ballscreen Sets

(Get Shooting Drills out of Ballscreen Sets HERE)

Occasionally, we use a modified version of Don Showalter’s “20 Drill”, designed to get players adept to his “20” ball screen offense. In addition to “20 Drill”, we modify it even further to work on elbow shots off flat screens. For these drills, 1 coach or 1 big man next in line should have a ball ready to pass in. Ball handlers use the screen, and attack the elbows for a jumper, while the screeners roll and take pass from the next player in line. On the alternative, the ball handler passes to the rolling screen man and then waits for a catch and shoot from the next player in line. The screen and roller is always attacking for a layup.

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Timothy Hipps

Timothy Hipps is an assistant coach at Central High School in Capital Heights, MD. He is also the founder of Math-n-Basketball Academy, a youth basketball organization that also offers academic support to players. Coach Hipps uses basketball statistics, scouting reports and game technology to integrate sports with mathematics and literacy in Maryland public schools. While coaching at amateur levels, he has sought to adapt NBA actions and offenses for youth and high school teams. Hipps is adamant about offering professional preparation, collaboration, and effort at the recreational and interscholastic levels. While a head basketball coach at the interscholastic level, Hipps' teams won 3 league championships in five seasons. You can follow Timothy on Twitter @mathnbasketball.

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