Four-Low BLOBs

By Randy Sherman

Two baseline out-of-bounds plays from a pair of elite programs – Arizona and Texas A&M – featuring the four-low alignment. 

In these two baseline out of bounds sets from the Arizona Wildcats and the Texas A&M Lady Aggies we see the common theme of the four-low alignment.

One features the seamless connection of inbounds to offense and the other hard-to-guard screen-the-screener action.

Arizona Flat Flex

This four-low BLOB nets the Wildcats a post touch off a cross screen.  Connecting this BLOB to the Flex or Swing Offense would be seamless as well.

[iframe id=”″]

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Texas A&M (w) Four-Low Lift

The Lady Aggies execute this four-low BLOB to perfection with the strong side post lifting as if they are the primary entry target then getting into screen-the-screener action.

[iframe id=”″]

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Among the advantages to the four-low alignment are:

  • Stretches the defense from sideline to sideline
  • Frees the area behind the four-low players for space to enter the ball
  • Locations of interior players near the basket keeps their defenders honest with the threat of a lob

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