Team Shooting Drills w/Dr. Dish

By FastModel Sports

Use these team shooting drills to make the most of your summer workouts. Drills submitted by Coach Aseem Rastogi.

Power Dribble Shooting

Fast-paced, dynamic drill using the Dr. Dish for your whole team or a small group. Emphasizes the power dribble action into a dribble handoff into a 1 dribble pull up. Multiple angles of attack, multiple shots at a time!


Power Dribble DHO Shooting

Simplified version of power dribble shooting previously posted. Focuses on getting the ball out of the corners with a protected power dribble.


Baseline Drift Shooting

The baseline drift action is phenomenal and one of the hardest actions to guard. Train multiple game-speed actions such as pass/cut, post shift, dribble drive, one-hand passing, etc. Great drill to compete with, as well!


Pin & Skip Shooting

Pin & Skip is a great action to use against sagging man defenders and zone defense. Use the Dr. Dish as the low defender and skip the ball to a wide open shooter. Plenty of variations to keep the drill fresh and train multiple actions. Can use with a small group or your whole team.


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