Get the Gear Your Team Needs While Working Within Your Budget

By FastModel Sports

At FastModel Sports, we talk with coaches everyday about their goals on the court, expectations for players, and even the administrative challenges of running a team. One of the most common challenges we hear coaches talk about is being able to fit all the needs for their team into a small budget (that’s why last year we reduced our prices for FastDraw Play Diagramming Software across the board, and they are staying that way!)

But we know coaches have many expenses from tournaments and travel, to equipment and end of the year banquets. Hands down, one of the biggest expenses is outfitting your team. And even if your players’ families plan to chip in or cover the full cost of uniforms, they might have small budgets too. While we all want to save a little here and there, no coach wants to cut corners and end up with low quality uniforms or styles their team does not like. To really “get it all” and stay within your budget, we recommend working with Eastbay Team Sales, who has won us over with their unique fundraising assistance, wide selection, and customization options. Read on for 5 reasons Eastbay Team Sales can deliver the gear your team wants at a price you can afford.

  1. Eastbay has a small company mentality with big company resources: Eastbay started when two track coaches from Wausau, Wisconsin began selling spikes to local schools and clubs. Over time, Eastbay expanded and began offering premium footwear, clothing, and equipment from all vendors in all sports, to schools and clubs across the country. We also like that they take service seriously. They provide you with clear and concise invoicing and their service team will work with you to get what you need for accounting and your program.
  2. They help you raise money: Eastbay understands that you might need to be creative to get the gear you need. We like that they offer innovative programs to help raise money for your program such as VIP flyers and offer online team stores which you can use as a fundraising solution to earn money for your program.
  3. They work within your budget: While you can order everything you need online, you can also leverage Eastbay’s team of dedicated sales reps to collaborate with you to procure the right products that work with your budget. Eastbay’s tremendous buying power gives them the ability to remain stocked all year with gear for every sport.
  4. They still have a huge selection: As we mentioned, Eastbay has big company resources. They are fully equipped with a massive selection of uniforms and equipment. The stats speak for themselves: Eastbay has the largest distribution center among team dealers in the country at 500,000 square feet, approximately 7.5 million units in stock, and ship more than 20,000 orders a day.
  5. They offer custom programs:  When outfitting your team, custom uniforms are a must. Eastbay offers custom and modified uniform programs from the top uniform vendors to give you the style that fits your team. Eastbay’s experienced designers can embroider, screen-print, or heat-seal artwork, which means you can select a level of customization that fits into your budget.


To get started with Eastbay Team Sales call 1-800-841-5748 and speak with a dedicated sales representative.


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