By Mo Dakhil

Close games in NBA Summer League are a great time to experiment with sets and end of game plays (EOG) for coaching staffs. The Los Angeles Lakers executed a great pick the picker action to buy D’Angelo Russell enough time to hit the game winning three.

The Lakers were down by two to the Philadelphia 76ers and inbounding the ball with 1.8 seconds left in the game. Brandon Ingram is charged with inbounding the ball, Jabari Brown acts like a decoy and runs to the strong side corner instead of coming of Jamil Wilson.


Wilson comes off a brush screen from Russell, and takes a route along the arch of the free throw line. This is key to the play, as it gives him a great angle to set a screen on the high side of Larry Nance Jr.’s man.


Nance comes straight off the pick to set a screen on Russell’s man. His man takes the long way around and is not in any position to help on the screen. Russell catches and gets the shot off barely setting his feet. Nothing but net.


It will go unnoticed but the angle that Wilson set the screen on Nance’s man forced the defender to go under the screen which took away any chance he had to help on Russell’s shot.

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