FastDraw and Programax: The Ultimate Coaching Toolpack

By Justin Scanson

You already know about FastDraw Play Diagramming Software, which helps you diagram and organize your plays quickly and easily (goodbye, paper napkins and yellow legal pads!). So how do you take something that is already great and make even better? By pairing it with something else that’s great in its own right, of course. Like peanut butter and jelly, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, or FastDraw and Programax.

FastDraw, a tool that solves real problems for basketball coaches, can be enhanced when used together with other powerful coaching tools such as Dr. Dish shooting machine (did you know we have a stencil of the Dr. Dish right within FastDraw?) and Krossover for breaking down game film. Today, we’re focusing how you can use FastDraw with an awesome coaching management tool called Programax.

In case you missed it, we highlighted Programax in a blog post this spring – including their training, communication, scheduling and organization features. With the season right around the corner, we know you’re probably diving into FastDraw, so we thought we’d show you how to use FastDraw with the Programax “Coaches Corner.”

How to Use FastDraw & Programax Together

We’ve heard that FastDraw customers are looking for ways to share more than just play diagrams with their program’s leaders. Programax allows you to upload video, PDFs, and content from FastDraw (diagrams, playbooks, and scouting reports) directly to your Coaches Corner to share instantly with the coaches in your program. You upload the material you wish to share on your account, and your staff can pull up any files or media you share on their own accounts using their phones or computers.




The net result is they have all the content they need to lead more effectively right at their fingertips. As one Programax customer said:

The “Coaches Corner” is most important thing to me right now, I dump everything in there and I know my coaches are prepared, it majorly reduces my stress and I know they are ready. – Tyler Schimmel – Covenant Christian High School (MI)

Imagine how dynamic your coaching binder becomes when you supplement FastDraw play diagrams with game film, word documents, YouTube videos, and more. Last year a coach who subscribed to both FastModel and Programax told this story:

I had to hire a new JV coach right before the season started and she had never coached before. I filmed my first week of practice and uploaded all of our drills to Programax and also shared the diagrams of drills and our plays from FastDraw and my new coach had all the tools she needed to have a successful season!

The Coaches Corner is also a great place to upload your notes from clinics to help transfer key points to your staff. We’ve heard numerous examples of coaches using the “Coaches Corner” to share the key concepts and ideas they learned, prescribing how they would like to implement the concepts, and empowering their staff to execute the changes.

The Coaches Corner feature from Programax not only helps to create consistency in the skills and fundamentals that you teach, but also builds momentum within your program. Think about the implications of this for a high school coach who can share custom drills and workouts with coaches at lower levels. The teaching starts earlier, is applied according to your exact specifications, and starts to yield results sooner. It’s a true game changer.

Click here to see how you can use the Programax Corner.

So What Next?

The bottom line is we love the Coaches Corner function and the abundance of other features Programax provides to basketball coaches at all levels. Like FastDraw, we recognize that the tool solves real problems. It is for these reasons that we are happy to recommend Programax as a tool you should consider looking into and using alongside of FastDraw. Doing so has the potential to bring even greater success to your program.

Want to know more? Check out the Programax website for a series of videos that highlight each of the tool’s powerful features.

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