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Dr. Dish is extremely excited to drop another great workout that incorporates shooting off the dribble, ball-handling and also competitive shooting. It’s very important to make sure that you’re training smart and game-like when you’re practicing because it will properly prepare you for when it truly matters.

It’s great to get in the gym and workout with a partner that’s going to challenge you and also push you to become a better player. I can remember back in high school battling everyday with my best friend before, during and after practice. We absolutely hated each other on the court because we were so competitive but that made our friendship off the court even better. I always knew what to expect from him come game time because we had put in the work together when others weren’t!

The video below will go through two different basketball shooting drills that will not only help you become a better shooter, but will also help you compete/work with your partner. Check out the video and make sure to challenge yourself on your Dr. Dish All-Star to become a better basketball player!





In the first basketball shooting drill, my partner Evan and I stood opposite of each other on the three point wing areas. We had a d-man set up to simulate a defender playing defense. The Dr. Dish All-Star was set to a tempo of 5 and 2 balls per location. On the first pass I caught the ball and attacked the middle. My goal is to try and bring the defender in to help and then to kick the pass back out to my teammate on the opposite wing. After I pass the basketball to my partner, he will shoot the 3 point shot. After I pass him the basketball I have to back pedal and hustle back to my spot because the Dish is going to pass me the second ball for a shot. Evan and I will count our makes each time we shoot. We will shoot until someone makes a certain amount or set the Dish on a time limit and whoever has the highest total after the time expires wins. This is a great drill to do with a partner who may be a better shooter then yourself.


The second shooting drill we did incorporated different dribble moves into the shot alternating going left and right. We switched up our move each time but focused on 3 different moves in this drill. The first move was the Steve Nash hesitation, hard step, exploding the opposite way into your shot. This move is great to shake your defender and get them moving and is simple enough for any player at any level to master. You want to make sure to plant hard with your left/right foot, hesitate then explode the opposite direction to get the separation you need for the shot. The second move we did was the James Harden step back. You want to take a hard dribble left or right then plant hard with your inside foot. Push off the inside foot and step back as far as you can to create the space you need to shoot. Make sure to be in an athletic stance and low when you do this move, otherwise you will be off balance and it will affect your shot. The third move we did was a hard dribble into a between the legs pull back shot. This is another great way to get separation on your shot and really gets your defending going side to side defensively. Lastly we mixed in some catch and shoot from the 3 point line as well to switch it up.

Evan and I worked together in this basketball drill to reach our goal of 10 total points. Every shot that Evan or I made counted as 1 point. Every shot he or I missed was -2 points so if you don’t hit a hot streak with you partner, you can find yourself digging a hole that will be tough to come out of. This shooting game is fun because you have to work as a team but also you have to stay positive and focus the entire time. two or three misses in a row as a group can set you back and you are forced to make shots in a row as a group. Evan and I played up to 10 and hit a hot streak and decided to keep going but try to challenge yourself and play up to a higher goal!

Here at Dr. Dish basketball we want to continue to make training game-like, challenging, competitive and fun for players of all ages and skill levels. Continue to work as a player to reach your full potential and always remember to train hard, train smart and train with a purpose!

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