Team France – Motion Weak

By Randy Sherman

Tony Parker

Made iconic by the San Antonio Spurs, Team France also runs “Motion Weak” to perfection in international play.

With Spurs vets such as Tony Parker and Boris Diaw at the helm, it is no surprise that the French National Team is adept at running the San Antonio Spurs “Motion Weak” action as an early offense off of opponents made field goals.

The following diagrams and video breakdown takes a look at “Motion Weak” and each of its’ basic options.

Start with the “pitch ahead” in transition to the ballside wing running his/her lane. This pass ahead can serve as the signal to the rest of the team that we are flowing right into Motion Weak.

After the pitch ahead, Player 1 “sickle cuts” underneath the trailer to the opposite wing area.

Motion Weak

At times, the defender may deny out on the reversal pass from 4 to 1. In which case, 1 back cuts as 3 begins the cross screen for 5.Motion Weak

If the ball can be reversed to 1 on the sickle cut, he/she looks for 5 coming off the cross screen from 3. Consider using the term “sprint screen” for 3’s action as we want he/she to sprint into the cross screen for 5. Motion Weak

The next phase is the “screen-the-screener” option. After 4 makes the reversal pass to 1, he/she sets the vertical down screen for 3. Having just set the cross screen for 5, this screen-the-screener sequence can be tough to guard and lead to an open shot for 3. Motion Weak

Check out the video of Team France below to see the above Motion Weak options in action!

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August 9, 2016 – Rio, bresil – Tony Parker (Credit Image: � Panoramic via ZUMA Press)

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