Skills and Drills – Michigan 2 Guard Offense

By Aseem Rastogi

D.J. Wilson

Dr. Dish drills for Michigan’s 2-Guard Offense

The versatility of the Michigan 2-Guard offense was on full display during the Big 10 and NCAA tournaments as the Wolverines made a march to the Sweet 16. The offense features numerous scoring options, and creates mismatches on both sides of the floor. These drills are designed as a basis for getting the most reps possible from your Dr. Dish to drill the scoring options from the Michigan 2-Guard offense. As always, when using the Dr. Dish, use drills that are tailored to your offensive actions – confidence comes from competence!

2 Player Breakdown – Pindown Action

At the heart of Michigan’s 2-Guard Offense is great spacing, quick reversals, and strong pindown screens into wing 3 point shots.


Using Dr. Dish, you can easily start small with a 2 player pindown shooting drill.

2 Player Pindown

Location: 10
Goal: Make 20 on each side
Tempo: 4
Balls Per Location: Unlimited


4 Player Breakdown – Pindown Action

The base pindown action easily translates to a team drill, using 4 players at a time.


Tempo: 5
Locations: 5 and 15
Goal: Make 20 on each side
Balls per location: 2

Pinch Post Breakdown

One of the most difficult to guard actions out of Michigan’s offense is the use of the pinch post. Within the offense, 5 may set a backscreen for a guard and then receive a pass at the high post. Michigan then runs guards off the pinch post, looking for handoff and reversal to a shooter receiving a pindown screen.


This action is easily simulated in a drill using Dr. Dish.


Location: 5 and 15
Goal: Make 20 on each side
Tempo: 6
Balls per location: Unlimited

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Aseem Rastogi currently serves as the Head Girls Basketball Coach at South County High School in Lorton, VA. He brings over 15 years of experience coaching at all levels to include youth, high school, AAU, Division I, and semi-pro men's basketball. Please connect via Twitter @Rastogi_Aseem - feel free to reach out at any time! Let's grow the game together.
March 19, 2017 – Indianapolis, IN, USA – Michigan Wolverines forward D.J. Wilson (5) hits a basket between Louisville Cardinals forward Anas Mahmoud (14) and forward Ray Spalding (13) in the second round of the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament on Sunday, March 19, 2017, in Indianapolis, Ind. Second seed Louisville lost to seventh seed Michigan 73-69. (Credit Image: � Sam Riche/TNS via ZUMA Wire)

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