Boston Celtics Late Season #XsOs

By FastModel Sports

Brad Stevens

We have reached the last week of the NBA regular season and Brad Stevens has his Boston Celtics in the mix for the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Coach Stevens has always had a great reputation as an #XsOs coach, but this season has truly solidified him as one of the best coaches in all of basketball.

This week, our Plays of the Week features 3 late season ATOs run by the Boston Celtics.

STS Triangle

Screen the Screener

Coach Stevens dialed up this ATO on back to back possessions earlier this month vs the Atlanta Hawks. Two screen the screener actions leaves no help on the pid down screen in frame 3. This is a great sideline set for any coach at any level.

Elbow Stagger Split


This set is extremely difficult to guard and is best run out of a dead ball or made basket. With 5 trailing in to the play, 1 enters to 4 at the pinch post. 3 and 5 set a stagger screen for 2. 2 curls off the first screen and 3 uses 5’s screen to get an open 3 pt shot. This is also a great set to run for a 2 that has post up skills.

4 Stagger


This is a wrinkle from the Boston’s “4” action in early offense. Instead of 1 (Isaiah Thomas) following his pass for a handoff after throwing it to 4 and attacking downhill with his left, 4 fakes the handoff and passes to 3 lifting up to the wing on the right side. 1 & 4 set a stagger screen for 2. If the defense cheats high, 2 can read the defense and run hard off 5’s screen for a shot.

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December 21, 2016 – Memphis, TENNESSEE, Estados Unidos – Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens communicates with his team at FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 20 December 2016. (Credit Image: � Mike Brown/EFE via ZUMA Press)

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