Skills and Drills: Corner Lift Shooting

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Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it again with another great Skill Builder workout! In this complete workout, we will focus on our corner lift shooting and pair that with some 2-ball dribbling and also agility drills as well. This workout is great because you will really challenge yourself conditioning-wise and also challenge yourself in several different skill categories.

Lift shooting is extremely important because it spaces the floor and helps players practice the proper movement when a teammate is driving to the hoop. Most teams teach defenders not to help on the strong side when the offensive player drives to the hoop to prevent the kick out shot. Defenders on the strong side are taught to stunt and get back to the shooter. This simple movement from wing to corner or lifting from corner to the wing can often be the determining factor of getting a shot off or not.

This workout simulates movement that shooters will see come game time. With Skill Builder, players are able to program shooting locations all over the court in any pattern. Combine this with the ball-handling and agility drills in between, and you have a complete and unique workout that will benefit any player in multiple skill categories.

Dr. Dish Training Management System allows coaches and players to track the progress of players over time and use this information to make training adjustments and game time decisions. Player specific workouts make training more efficient and also help increase skill development at a faster pace. Coaches will save time by creating or selecting workouts in which they can share to their players with the click of a button. The players will receive the notification and then simply push the workout to the Dish through their mobile app. After that, the player only needs to focus on working hard and making shots. Check out the video below breaking down the lift shooting workout and see how Skill Builder can benefit your program!

Each one of the drills included in the Skill Builder workout above has a specific purpose for the player. The lift shooting simulates full court and half court action and is motion that happens many times during the course of a game. The ball-handling piece works on primary skill development and focuses on a weakness or strengthening the skill itself. The agility drill works on speed, quickness, and endurance which are essential for any basketball player and program.

Dr. Dish Basketball has really taken complete basketball training to the next level and has no plan on stopping. Our goal is to help coaches and players maximize their potential and become the best they can be! For more great Skill Builder workouts and other basketball drills, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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