Sharper Handles and a Quicker First Step

By FastModel Sports

Steve Cramer of Cramer Basketball

The off-season is the time of year to put in the work to get better. A huge part of building a championship team is developing the fundamental skills of your players. Developing a quicker first step and sharper handles doesn’t just happen when your player walks in the gym. It takes a lot of work and a plan of attack.

We recently came across this proven off-season ball handling routine. Our partner MaxOne is offering it as a free download on their site. It’s a 3-day/week workout that you can easily implement across your whole program this off-season. The video below shows a preview of Day 1.

Here’s to better ball handling and less turnovers next season!


Download this guide for a complete ball handling routine that will improve your entire team’s ball handling skills in just 3 short workouts per week.

You’ll get:

  • 3 full days of structured ball handling drills
  • over 30 drills to improve your team’s stationary, first step, and speed dribbles
  • the ideal number of reps for each drill

Plus, we wanted to make these drills as easy as possible for you to implement, so as a bonus, we’ve put together 3 videos that walk you through the drills with perfect form.



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Steve Cramer of Cramer Basketball