Skills and Drills: Markelle Fultz Body to Body Step-Backs

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Dr. Dish Basketball is proud to present another amazing Skill Builder workout. We will focus on the body to body step-back shot which many players like Markelle Fultz have mastered. There are many ways an offensive player can use this move, but we will focus on 3 different variations. It’s important to remember that this move is an advanced move. Younger players must focus on understanding when to use this move and also the proper footwork so that you aren’t developing bad habits.

With the launch of Skill Builder, skill development for players around the world has increased at an incredible speed. We all know how important it is to maximize the skills and potential of each player, but the time it takes for coaches, especially at the high school level, can be difficult. Skill Builder helps coaches keep their players accountable while helping players train multiple facets of their game. Purposeful training is extremely important in skill development but players often need a little added motivation to get into the gym.

Dr. Dish shooting machines paired with Skill Builder bring excitement, competiveness and motivation. Players love the ability to track their progress and also challenge themselves with the complete workouts. Coaches equally love the option to create their own workouts specifically designed around the strengths and weaknesses of their players.

Check out the video below detailing how players can use this body to body step-back shot to create more scoring opportunites for themselves!

Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Markelle Fultz Body-to-Body Step Back

1st Shooting Drill

In our first shooting drill we worked on using pace and our body to create space on the step-back shot. Most coaches and trainers teach high spped acceleration followed by a quick step-back to create space. This is just one way to use a step-back. For players that want to use their body to create space, the dribble down into step-back is a good move to have. One of the main things the offensive player must focus on is the proper pace and angle in which they use their body to create the separation. This will determine the amount of space you can create and ultimately decide whether or not the shot attempt can be made. The goal is to get your should and hip into the defender but also get them to bump you with their top shoulder. what this does is get the defender off balance and also takes away their ability to spring forward and properly contest the shot.

2nd Shooting Drill

In our 2nd shooting drill we will do the same Markelle Fultz body-to-body step back, but from beyond the 3 point line. It’s important to make sure that younger players master the 1st shooting drill before going beyond their range and developing bad habits shooting too far away. Again, it’s very important to stay low and in an athletic stance to provide as much explosiveness on the step-back action.

3rd Shooting Drill

In the last shooting drill, we will focus on the same step back action, but this time we will perform a fadeaway jumpshot. If you’re attacking to the left, you can even use the Dirk Nowitzki patented one legged step back shot. This is definitely an advanced move and should only be done once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of the first two shooting drills. Many coaches may discourage this fadeaway action because too many players aren’t ready to execute this action. However, for players at a high-level, this is an action commonly used at the NBA and NCAA level. It’s extremely hard to execute and even though you’re fading away, it’s important to remain balanced and in rhythm to have a chance at making the shot.

Ball Handling

The great thing about Dr. Dish Skill Builder is that you can combine virtually any drill with all of the shooting drills that Dr. Dish provides. In this complete workout, we executed a number of ball handling drills in between the body-to-body shooting drills. With these drills, it’s essential that you push yourself and aren’t afraid to make mistakes.

This is a great complete workout to focus on multiple different skills: shooting, ball-handling, change of pace, and game scenario actions. It’s always essential to try and make your basketball drills as game-like as possible. Make sure to subscribe to the Dr. Dish YouTube Channel for more great workouts and drills. And as I say, make sure to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!

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