Building a Championship Mindset

By Kevin Eastman

Kevin Eastman
I’m a new contributor to Team FastModel, yet for those of you who are familiar with my way of thinking is that I prefer to teach in bullet points. This post covers a number of items essential to Building a Championship Mindset. Enjoy!

Building a Championship Mindset

Your success in a learning environment depends, like a clinic or conference depends on:

  • How well you listen 
  • The notes that you take 
  • The questions you ask 
  • The relationships you have the opportunity to start developing
  • The successful are those who put sustained thought into what they read and heard. It’s the sustained thought that really creates the bond and the glue by which you form your philosophy.

We will win if we are clutter free

  • Clutter leads to confusion 
  • Clutter leads to doubt
  • Doubt leads to hesitation
  • Hesitation leads to never even trying
  • Never trying is never getting anything done
  • Success lies in the simplicity
  • Confusion lies in the sophistication
  • True genius is the ability to simplify confusing things

Keys to Climbing the Ladder

  • Seek and Find (new ways to communicate, new coverages, new drills), then Think and Apply (Sort through what you know and sort what works for you)
  • Big eyes, big ears and small mouth: most successful people are tremendous observers.
  • Seek wisdom from those came before you

Success is the result of 4 things:

  • Choices you make
  • Actions you take 
  • Questions you ask 
  • The circles you travel in

Trust and Buy-In

  • Before you get Buy-In you must get Believe-In
  • First you have to develop trust
  • In order to get trust you must tell the truth

5 things a coach should control

  • System you employ
  • Culture you create
  • The players you have on your team (hard for high school teams)
  • Preparation
  • Tweaks you make
A message is only a message if it’s received and acted upon! My new site, is currently expanding but has some info on there you might enjoy!
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Kevin Eastman served as Assistant Coach to Head Coach Doc Rivers for the Los Angeles Clippers and was named Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Clippers in June 2014. Before his 3-year stint with the Clippers, Kevin was Assistant Coach to Doc Rivers with the Boston Celtics for 9 years. He also continues his long relationship with Nike as the national director of Nike’s skill development programs for elite high school and college players. Kevin is owner and president of Kevin Eastman Basketball and co-founder of Coaching U LIVE, both of which were created as a way to give back to the game that has been such an important part of his life. His wife Wendy is vice president and handles the day-to-day operations. Through his website,, his clinics and instructional materials, Coach Eastman prepares, develops, and inspires coaches to fulfill their coaching goals. He is recognized as one of the best basket- ball clinicians in the U.S. and internationally. Kevin also shares his leadership and team building philosophies with corporate audiences.

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