Coach – Player Communication

By Robbie Lehman

Technology plays an ever-increasing role in how coaches of all sports not only coach and teach, but also how they communicate with players. Understanding the best ways to utilize these technologies is important to be able to maximize a player’s potential and improve Coach – Player Communication.

Basketball coaches everywhere have long used FastDraw Play Diagramming Software to draw plays and create playbooks. However, the program can be used as a tool for teaching and connecting with players as well.


Use FastDraw to teach concepts in player-coach meetings. Help a player remember where they need to be and how to execute specific situations. Even have the player physically take over the mouse and put themselves where they should be in the diagram. This hands-on technique enhances learning and the player will be less likely to forget the information. Many players are visual learners, and seeing this on computer or tablet will help them see it better on the court.


Send PDF’d FastDraw plays or drills via email to your players for them to study material on their own time. This homework gives players a task that where they must be disciplined enough to complete on their own without a coach directly monitoring them.

Organize a playbook by chapters of different drills a specific player can work on to improve areas of his or her game. Be sure to include plays with actions they excel at as well.


Print blank diagram sheets in FastDraw and have players draw up sets correctly. Incorrect answers get extra reps in practice. This will ensure that players do their “homework” in basketball and prepare for what they need to know.

Not only will players learn the game of basketball, but another major byproduct of improved communication is a greater trust and chemistry, leading to a better player-coach relationship.

As much time as coaches and players spend with each other, it’s easy for communication to become repetitive. Thus, it’s important to keep the exchange as engaging as possible. Technology helps to do that, plus it’s also the way the current generation is used to being taught and communicated to. Making a time commitment to help players develop will not be lost on them.

Overall, players will work harder and player harder for both themselves and for their coach when they know that the coach truly cares about making them into the best player they can be. Improving coach and player communication is the foundation to enhancing performance on the court.

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Winners Come Prepared w/ FastDraw

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