Personal Commitment Statement

By Andrew Lacey

Anyone that is in the coaching profession or have been in this profession will understand this simple post. As coaches we give so much of our time, making sure our program is the best it can be under our leadership. Often time we do this at the expense of spending less time with our own families. Regardless of how we approach this situation we often find it hard to find the correct balance.

During the month of August, before you start up your pre-season activities, I encourage you to make a personal commitment statement. This personal commitment statement should serve as a road map that defines who you need to be as an individual in order to be successful in your position. When creating this statement please make sure to create one for all areas of your life.

Below are some questions to help start the process of creating your personal commitment statement:

  1. The ultimate purpose of this is to focus on the following; Who do I need to be in order to be successful in my position?
  2. What personal qualities do I want to emphasize in myself (Home, Work, Coaching)?
  3. How can I use and display these qualities in the following environments (Home, Coaching, Work, Community)?
  4. What are the most important values I want to express at home, work, coaching, and community?
  5. What are the things I ultimately want to achieve (home, work, coaching)?
  6. Who do I want to be? What do I want to do?
  7. What is the impact I want to have and how would I like to be perceived?
  8. What will need to happen in order for me to feel proud of my progress?

Coaches have the opportunity to impact so many people and we should not take that for granted.  At the end of the day we are all teaching our players life skills and how to be a better man/woman, husband/wife, sister/brother, and mother/father.

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Andrew Lacey

Head Coach at Richard Bland College of William and Mary
Successful head coach at Richard Bland College of William & Mary in Virginia. Coach Lacey has a proven track record running all aspects of a program. Accomplishing 166 wins coaching at the high school level; with a proven ability in developing basketball programs into playoff caliber teams with an emphasis and focus in preparing student-athletes for college-level competition. Coach Lacey guided Varina HS team to the VHSL Class 5 State Title during the 2018 season, along with the 2019 5B Regional Title and 2018 5B Regional Title. He was named VHSL Class 5 State Coach of the Year. An article of his titled "Using Ball Screens in your Motion Offense" was published in Winning Hoops Magazine in September 2015. Coach Lacey is also the founder of Andrew Lacey Basketball and the host of his on podcast called "It Takes What It Takes."