The Importance of a Complete Basketball Education

By FastModel Sports

After the overwhelming success of its Pro Scout School event in Las Vegas each summer, TPG Sports Group is excited to announce the launch of Virtual Scout School. The online course features NBA concepts broken down for College and High School coaches. The $9.99 monthly subscription will provide exclusive access to coaching content, video breakdowns, live stream chats, and quizzes. As a current subscriber, FastModel Sports encourages all coaches looking to improve their craft to check out the Virtual Scout School program.
No matter your role in basketball – whether it be a coach, player development trainer, video coordinator or prospective scout – it’s important to have a complete education in all areas of the game. TPG’s Virtual Scout School is your online platform for all things basketball. Our goal with this initiative is to educate, communicate and improve within our respective industries. We are proud to offer 12 months of content, video chats and quizzes to enhance your knowledge to make you a more well-rounded coach, scout or executive. Basketball often takes us on journeys we cannot predict. This opportunity will broaden your outlook and challenge your current boundaries within the game of basketball. These are five areas we focus on in the program:
Information – “Good info wins” is a very common saying within NBA circles. The ability to get information – more importantly, “good information” – gives a team or organization a better chance to make the correct decision. Ensuring that information is coming from the right people in a timely fashion is key to being successful at any level. In order for this to occur, it is important to form healthy, trusting relationships with those involved.
TPG Sports Group

TPG Sports Group

International Basketball – This course will provide one of a kind insight into the breakdown of the complex world that is international basketball. This is an opportunity to hear from the game’s most respected international basketball minds to learn about the different countries and leagues that make up the global talent pool. The International Basketball category includes a breakdown of innovative offensive concepts, including ATO’s, designed to increase basketball knowledge. It will also include a detailed breakdown into the intricacies of international scouting.
Evaluating Talent – Developing a better eye and system to evaluate players is important at any level, and can be key in recruiting and training players. This includes identifying talent capable of playing at the respective level, by evaluating areas like translatable skills, basketball IQ, strengths, weaknesses and intangibles – all things basketball. Talent evaluation category focuses on statistical analysis, role on team, roster makeup, coaching, style of play and overall culture of the team.
Leadership/Culture – As we all know, the culture of any team is incredibly important to success. This is also important for the coaching and management staffs. Whether an assistant coach or a regional scout, one must understand the importance of managing up to the director. Smart leaders recognize everything, positive and negative. Smart leaders recognize hard work by those that know how to stay in their lane. Smart leaders hire and promote people that are smarter than they are. It’s one of the pillars of successful companies and teams. These items are stressed heavily in our content.
Preparation – We’ve all heard the quote: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” We provide additional strategies used by top executives in the NBA that can be used at any level. Advance Scout is one of the toughest positions in the NBA, as this individual provides game preparation notes and requires a great amount organization and time commitment. The Advance Scout’s primary responsibility is to scout the team’s opponent before playing them. Play calls, frequency, terminology, depth charts by position, and player tendencies are the most important categories of analysis. This is an area we will dig deeper into.
Fran Fraschilla, former college basketball coach and ESPN Analyst, on TPG’s Virtual Scout School:
“These may be proven NBA scouting concepts, but they will help a coach at the high school or college level sharpen his or her coaching, talent evaluation and team building skills for long-term success. I wish I knew a lot of this information at the beginning of my coaching career.”
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