Finding the Space to Lead

By FastModel Sports

Your days are all over the place running from home to school to practice. And, they’re a blur. When your head hits the pillow at night, you can’t even remember what you did that day. Sound familiar? If so, keep reading.

Your mind is constantly running from scrolling Twitter, to a real conversation, to posting on Facebook — with no space in your mind in between.  It should’t come as a surprise that they average high school kid has the same level of anxiety as a psychiatric patient in the 1950’s. Yes, you read that right. So in order to lead — as a coach, parent or executive — from a place I know you want to, changes need to be made. Changes that are within our control, and that give us the mental space to lead from a place of thoughtfulness, compassion and intention.

We have thousands of thoughts going through our heads — literally all day long. And, even when we are sleeping our subconscious is running. Studies have shown that throughout the day we have 50-80,000 thoughts that run through our minds, and 90% of them are repeated. I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it is to employ leadership from the place you want to when you have these thoughts constantly circling around — which is only amplified by our culture of constant connectivity and what Janice Marturano calls “partial attention.”


Plus, according to research, anywhere between 80-95% of these are negative, fear-based thoughts. So if we don’t take time to create space between our thoughts, we are leading from a place of negativity and fear instead of love and compassion. By implementing a mindfulness practice we can find the space in our minds to lead — from the place we need to — in order to make the impact we desire.

Finding the Space to Lead was originally published by Mike Lee, founder and CEO of Thrive3, at

Thrive3 is a basketball training organization which aims to create game-changing experiences that crossover from the court to life. It focuses on building relationships with players in order to develop the mind, body and skills to thrive on game day, and longer after hanging up their jersey. Thrive3 develops people — not just players. Learn more about Thrive3 at Schedule a mindfulness workshop for your team, or check out current events like Point Guard Academy, Shooting Lab, Essentials Camp and more. Follow on social: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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