Top 10 Coaching Articles of 2017

By FastModel Sports

Anyone else feel like 2017 was a blur? In the coaching business, every year goes fast. As we wrap things up, it’s a great time for reflection. It was a year of strong growth for this blog which makes us very proud. We added some phenomenal contributors to our roster in 2017, so a big thank you goes to them and to all of the coaches who have written or produced content for us.

We also want to thank you for reading and following along this year. Without our coaching community, we wouldn’t be here. We enjoy connecting with coaches on all of our channels, and are excited to continue providing the best coaching content in the game for the next 365 days and beyond. Best of luck to you and your team in 2018!

Also we need to apologize…we lied. There was absolutely no way we could stop at 10 for this list – there was just SO MUCH quality content this year! Content is grouped into categories for simplicity. Let’s get to it – the most popular content of 2017.


Duke Blue Devils: Horns Elbow Series

ATO Breakdown: Boston Celtics

Attacking the Switch: Set Plays vs Switching Defense

Concepts and Benefits of Motion Offense

Spread Ball Screen Basics

Transition Offense: Common Endpoints

Early Offense: Pitches and Flips

Creating With Blur Screens

Offensive Action Breakdown: Elevator Screens

Video Playbook: NBA Handoff Concepts

Top 20 Plays of 2017 Playbook

Plays of the Week (all posts in series)

Plays YOU Can Use (all posts in series)


South Carolina Pressure Man Defense

Man-to-Man Defense: 2 Essential Questions

Shadow Press: Trap Option (3rd in 4-part series)

Player Development/Practice/Drills

Training Guards and Posts Together

Ball Screen and Roll Shooting

Competitive Team Rebounding

Maximizing Your Minutes in Practice – The First 40

The Ultimate Guide to Practice

Game Like Drills for Pregame Warm Up

Skills and Drills: Change of Direction Shooting

General Coaching

Putting Positive Coaching into Practice

5 Scouting Tips from the NBA to High School

Self Scout: Asking Tough Questions

Improving Coach – Player Communication

The Influence of Soccer and Football on Basketball Coaches

In Support of a High School Shot Clock

Support Staff Series Q&A’s

Yeah, It’s From 2016, But Who Cares!

FMS Virtual Coaching Clinic with Tim Miles and Tara VanDerveer


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