Zalgiris Kaunas: Winning Ways Part 4 – ATO and EOG Series

By Sergey Tkachenko

Despite having the lowest budget among Euroleague Playoff  teams, Zalgiris Kaunas has succeeded with an efficient offensive style.

This is Part 4 and the final installment of our Zalgiris Kaunas series, covering ATO and EOG sets. Read Part 1 on Horns Series, Part 2 on Iverson Series and Part 3 on Spain PNR Series.

ATO and EOG Plays

ATO Diamond Lob

Zalgiris Diamond Lob ATO

In this ATO, Zalgiris Kaunas places its best shooter (2) as a decoy who ends up being a screener. In this diamond alignment, 2 cuts to catch on the wing and immediately passes back to 1. Then 2 cuts underneath the basket like he is coming off a pin down from 4 for a jumper, causing x4 to overplay and get ready to help. But 2 stops and sets a back screen for 4 to receive the open lob at the rim.

EOG Diamond Knicks Hammer


Hammer screens are a common tactic for Zalgiris in End of Game situations. This action starts from diamond entry and ends with 1-5 middle ball screen. This causes x4 to help on 5 rolling to the basket, so if 4 sets a good hammer screen for 2, he should be open in the corner for 3pt shot.

EOG Step Up PNR Hammer

Zalgiris EOG Step Up PNR Hammer

Zalgiris uses the hammer screen in several plays and actions to a high degree of success. This action also works well in early offense to find a quick shot.

Iverson Curl ATO


This is a very effective ATO for Zalgiris. After 2 clears 4’s screen, 4 immediately flashes to the 3pt line for catch from 1. If x2 goes over 5’s screen (trailing in order to note give up 3pt shot), 2 will be open on the curl for an easy layup.

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Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is based in Perm, Russia and is currently a scouting coach for BC Parma Youth Under 21 team. He is the youngest scout in his league. Before scouting, he played for the U16 and U18 Russian National Teams. Follow Sergey for international basketball content. Twitter: @seregatka4 Instagram: @futurebasketballcoach YouTube: FutureBasketballCoach Email:
ATHENS, April 19, 2018 Kevin Pangos (C) of Zalgiris Kaunas celebrates victory after the first playoff of the basketball Euroleague between Olympiacos Piraeus and Zalgiris Kaunas at the Peace and Friendship Stadium in Athens, Greece, on April 18, 2018. (Credit Image: © Lefteris Partsalis/Xinhua via ZUMA Wire)

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