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Join the MaxOne “Journey to Tip-off” Challenge and get access to 5+ FREE resources to make it your best season yet. Grab my FREE resources…

Preparing for a basketball season can be a chaotic time for a coach.  The best coaches know that good preparation saves a lot of headaches when you are in the thick of the season.

At FastModel, we want to help coaches prepare for success, and equip you with the best tools possible to have your best season yet, which is why we’ve partnered up with MaxOne.

The MaxOne team entered the minds of basketball coaches around the country to ask the question; what can we do to get coaches off to the best start this season? What resources do basketball coaches NEED in order to prepare and set the tone for success?

After listening to what coaches want – they built a portfolio of resources called the “Journey to Tip-off” CHALLENGE.  These resources are totally FREE and will help prepare you for your next season.

Here’s what’s included:

– Tips, Strategy, and Plans for Tryouts

– A Pre-Season Conditioning Plan (PDF Download)

– In-Season Strength Program (PDF Download)

– Topics to Cover your Coaches Meetings (PDF Download)

– In-Season Ball Handling Program (PDF Download + Videos)

– How to Navigate the Daunted Parent Meeting (PDF Download)

– A Complete Guide for Building a K-12 Program (PDF Download)


So, what’s the challenge you ask? Well, implementing all of these different assets into your program is the hard part, but MaxOne will leave that up to you.



FREE Resource #1: A Pre-Season Conditioning Plan

(PDF Download – Built by renown University of Michigan Strength Coach, Jon Sanderson)

Preseason conditioning is important, but it is often difficult to find the time to plan and organize your program. Well, the M1 team has got your back. Within the “Journey”, coaches will receive a pre-built 4-week Preseason Speed/Agility/Conditioning program designed and built by Jon Sanderson, the renown basketball strength coach at the University of Michigan to help make sure your athletes are physically prepared for the season. Get this PDF…


FREE Resource #2: In-Season Strength Program

(PDF Download – Built by renown University of Michigan Strength Coach, Jon Sanderson)

Strength is a key attribute that can quickly diminish as a busy season gets underway. In as little as three weeks your players may have a noticeable decrease in strength. Are your athletes maintaining the strength that was built throughout the entire offseason? At MaxOne, they’ve got you covered. Delivered within the “Journey”, and also lead by Sanderson is a pre-built In-Season Strength Workout.

Additionally included and lead by Sanderson, is a virtual clinic highlighting best practices for high school basketball strength and conditioning programs. Get this PDF…


FREE Resource #3: In-Season Ball Handling Program

(PDF Download + Link to Virtual Training Videos)

MaxOne wants to help you lead a better program and kick off your season right, which is why they’ve included an In-Season Ball Handling Workout within the Journey. Lead by Cramer Basketball, one of the top skill training organizations in the world, this routine includes a series on stationary, speed, and first step drills with one and two balls.

Additional skill development programs for ball-handling, shooting, and full skills workouts can be found in the MaxOne marketplace. Get this PDF…


FREE Resource #4: A Complete Guide for Building a K-12 Program

(PDF Download)

Building a foundation for your long-term athlete development plan is essential in creating the right culture, and a key to building a winning program. MaxOne has taken the ideas and experiences of several high schools and college level coaches to create a complete K-12 blueprint which outlines:

  • 10-Year Plan: Generate Interest – Make it Fun! (Elementary)
  • 5-Year Plan: Building Foundations (5th-8th)
  • 2-Year Plan: Competitive Player Development (9th-12th) Get this PDF…


Additional Resources Include:

+ Topics to Cover your Coaches Meetings (PDF Download)

Preseason coaches meetings will set the tone for the rest of the season. It’s often a challenge to remember everything you need to cover, so MaxOne has a taken a role in coming up with things to remember to fit into your agenda, to help you get off on the right foot. Get this PDF…

+ How to Navigate the Daunted Parent Meeting (PDF Download)

All coaches have a love-hate relationship with team parents. As you prepare to deal with the good and the bad – MaxOne has put together some things that worked for many coaches over the years. Get this PDF…

We took a look at all of the different assets that MaxOne is serving up for coaches, and were very impressed. Not only is it a TON of free content, but it’s GOOD content – and coaches are loving it!

Here’s what one coach had to say about the Journey:

“I am overly stressed about all of the listed items, and I am very excited to get these updates! It will be a huge help for myself and my coaching staff”

– Matt Melesurgo, Varsity Basketball Coach

So, do you have what it takes to prepare successfully this season? Join the challenge and see how THOUSANDS of coaches are taking advantage of the MaxOne “Journey to Tip-off” CHALLENGE.


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