The Year of the PlayBank: The Top 25 Plays of 2018

By FastModel Sports

Check out the top 25 most downloaded plays and top 10 playbooks from the FMS PlayBank in 2018.

The last 12 months have delivered some truly phenomenal basketball. From the March Madness, to the NBA and WNBA Playoffs, FIBA EuroCup and World Cup Qualifying, the EuroLeague season, Basketball Champions League, NCAA preseason tournaments like the Maui Invitational, and so much more – we’ve been covering it all with the help of our #TeamFastModel contributors. And we’re ready to continue the cycle all over again.

But, before we do that, it’s time to look back at the last year, and all of the plays we’ve published. We’re giving you the top 25 most downloaded plays from the PlayBank in 2018.

Download Playbook: Top 25 Plays of 2018

In case you don’t know about the PlayBank (if you don’t, then we need to talk!), it’s a phenomenal resource for coaches at every level of the game – youth, high school, college and even professional.

We grew the PlayBank by nearly a thousand plays this year - it currently houses 7,965 plays covering 531 pages! Be on the lookout for some exciting new changes to the site in the near future as well.

Click on a play below to view the description and diagram, and download it directly into your own FastDraw library in seconds. Don't have FastDraw yet? Subscribe today by visiting our website.

We hope you enjoy these #XsOs. Shout out to #TeamFastModel for its contributions in making this playbook and the PlayBank an amazing resource for basketball coaches! Thanks for your continued support all year long, and looking forward to a wonderful and successful 2019 ahead!

(Numbers in parentheses are total downloads in 2018)

Click to download Top 25 Plays of 2018 playbook!

Top 20 Plays of 2018

1. Zone Sets - Weave (573)

2. UCONN Huskies (W) - High Low Zone Offense - Hand Off Entry (505)

3. Zone Sets - Fire (443)

4. Zone Sets - Buster (334)

5. Zone Sets - Banger (305)

6. Indiana Pacers - Wheel SLOB (285)

7. Kansas Jayhawks - Zone PNR Seal (272)

8. Zone Sets - Pitt (269)

9. Loyola Chicago - DHO PNR Double (252)

10. Elbows - 1-3-1 Zone Offense (244)

11. Miami Heat - Inverted Hammer BLOB (238)

12. Utah Jazz - Spain SLOB (237)

13. High Pick and Roll (229)

14. Boston Celtics - EOG Post Seal SLOB (227)

15. Villanova Wildcats - Horns Double Stagger (219)

16. Gonzaga Pick and Roll Continuity (216)

17. Spain - Gut BLOB to Spain PNR (215)

18. Golden State Warriors - Game Winner ATO SLOB (207)

19. Leicester Wolverines - Rip - (205)

20. Boston Celtics - EOG Clear Lob SLOB (204)

21. Villanova Wildcats - Floppy Flat (204)

22. Continuity Zone Offense Rotation (198)

23. Xavier Musketeers - 24 Seal vs 2-3 Zone (189)

24. Loyola Chicago - Cross Hammer (186)

25. Zalgiris Kaunas - Horns Exchange (184)

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