FastDraw: It’s Like Spotify for Basketball Coaches!

By Robbie Lehman

See how FastDraw, the #1 play diagramming program, shares similarities to the popular music streaming service Spotify, such as creating custom playbooks and playlists.

I’ll admit it – I’m a huge nerd when it comes to two things: basketball and music. Technology is a close third, and it’s actually the bridge that connects those top two together for me.

I’m kind of obsessed with FastDraw and Spotify. So much so that I even created an account for FMS, with a playlist curated specifically for play diagramming!

Music does a couple important things for me: 1) It provides energy, whether I’m working, exercising, commuting, etc. 2) It keeps me connected to people by sharing songs and playlists with friends, as well as have conversations about music with others that I meet.

While brainstorming a new blog post the other day, I was listening to Spotify looking for new songs and reading about some artists, and just cruising around the program, which got me thinking: the processes of making a playlist and creating a playbook are fairly similar.

Thus the idea for this post was born. I realized, FastDraw is similar to Spotify in a couple key ways: 1) Its workflows are comparable. 2) They both can be used to forge connections and build relationships.

Plus, they are both fun to use!

Stay with me here – I’m going to break down this all down for you, with plenty of cheesy music-to-basketball metaphors, of course.

Platform = FastDraw + PlayBank

At FastModel Sports, we launched the PlayBank in 2011 as a hub of #XsOs content and the main stop for coaches looking for information to help them and their team on the court. Since its inception, the PlayBank has provided a 1-2 punch when combined with FastDraw as coaches can quickly build up their library with pre-existing plays in no time, or grab a set they may have seen on TV last night.

As the image below shows, it’s super easy to send plays to your FastDraw library. From there, you can keep them as is, or go ahead and edit any part of the play to your own specifications.

Play Library Send to FD

As far as your library goes, a coach can make it as simple or as detailed as they want. Organize plays into seasons, teams, series, actions – anything. Personally, I’m big on grouping my Spotify library into folders of music based on genre and artists, so I love that FastDraw has the same capability. It saves time to be organized!

Artists = TeamFastModel Contributors

TeamFastModel is our dedicated group of top basketball coaches and influencers, and each is an artist in their own right when it comes to diagramming (Seriously, check out the hashtag #FastDrawArt on Twitter, it’s a thing). Each has their own profile page where you can find every play or drill they have submitted, just click on their name. This group has its fingers on the pulse of the game and the latest trends, and loves sharing with the basketball community to #GrowTheGame. They are active on social media, especially Twitter, so look them up, learn and connect with them. Many are happy to answer questions or provide more insight into topics you are curious about. We are grateful for their hard work and commitment to FMS and the game of basketball overall!

Songs = Plays and Drills

There’s not much that gets me more excited than diving into Spotify and wading through its universe of songs, new and old. All genres, styles and sounds. You can get lost and next thing you know, an hour flies by.

I don’t know what’s better – when you come across that brand new song that you instantly know is going to be on repeat for months, or when you find that classic track you kind of forgot about but takes you right back to a specific moment or feeling when you first heard it.

It’s this same process that many users love about our PlayBank. Coaches are able to browse our selection of over 8,000 plays, drills, actions, concepts and more. Maybe you like surfing through to find a new set that will fit perfectly into your offensive system, giving it a new wrinkle. Other times, you’ll be browsing and find that classic Horns set or Flex Series that, let’s be honest, can seem a little boring, but you know gets the job done with a bucket when your team needs it.

Just like Spotify offers more than music with its growing catalog of podcasts and video content, FastDraw and the PlayBank offer more than just plays! We also host drills from the youth to pro level, plus actions and concepts. Many include video of the diagram as well. Simply put, the PlayBank is an #XsOs gold mine. Use it as a place to gather information, or maybe just a creative spark to draw your own diagrams. Just like Spotify, there’s something for everybody – no matter what type of music you enjoy or what level of basketball you coach.

Playlists = Playbooks

This is where the “workflow” similarities begin to come in. We make this easy in FastDraw. Coaches can drag and drop in plays from their library to a playbook just as if they were dragging and dropping songs into a playlist.

FastDraw library playbook tab

Once in a playbook, you’re able to reorder and reorganize plays however you like or makes sense as a progression. Users agree that the customization is their favorite part of the program. Check out this handy guide on Creating a Custom Playbook and this video of Playbook Tips and Tricks for more.

Princeton playbook

App = FastDraw iPad

Of course, in today’s world, a program can’t just be limited to one device, now can it. Especially for coaches, who are used to living life on the go (and the road), it’s important to be able to work on multiple devices. Pick up FastDraw iPad for just $24.99, and you’ll see why TeamFastModel contributor Tony Miller once wrote a blog post titled, “Here’s Why You NEED FastDraw iPad This Season.” Transfer your work back and forth with the click of a button, which happens to be our next topic.

Save = Sync

Of course, you want to be sure these devices save your work, which is where our Sync feature comes in handy. This allows you to, well, sync your work from computer to iPad, and vice versa. It’s great for working between an office desktop computer, a home laptop, and a tablet. The added benefit by syncing is that your work is also saved to our cloud server, so that in the case of an emergency (oops, spilled Gatorade all over your computer!), our outstanding support team can help recover your information. Never lose a play again!

Sharing = FastTrade + PDF/Printing

When I hear a new song that gets me fired up, my immediate instinct is to want to share it with somebody. I love how easy Spotify makes it to share a song or playlist in several ways, such as via text message or to all major social media platforms. You can even copy the embed code of a song or playlist if you want to include it on a website or blog, like this:

What FastDraw offers is the FastTrade feature, which allows you to easily send a play, drill or even a full playbook to another coach, whether they have a FastDraw license or not. For sharing with players or staff members, we offer one-click printing or PDF capabilities. Check out this post to see how coaches around the world are using FastTrade as a networking tool!

FastTrade screenshot

Discovery and Creativity

The best part these two products, in my opinion, is that they can open you up to new and diverse content in each field. There’s music I never would have come across or given a shot if it wasn’t for how easy Spotify makes it to discover new songs. Similarly, coaches share with us all the time about how our products and sites have helped them learn new concepts and tactics that they otherwise may not have been exposed to. This is both great for the growth of the game of basketball, and the evolution of music culture!

Hopefully, this post made sense! If it did, head over to the PlayBank and start browsing for your new playbook. Sometimes just seeing other plays or dills will spark an idea to diagram your own new, creative set. 

With March Madness coming up, it’s the perfect time to tune into games and begin building your library for the off season/next season. We’ll be busy curating some awesome content around our #FastModelMadness campaign to make it easy for you, so make sure to follow us and TeamFastModel contributors throughout the NCAA Tournament. Check out these tips on how to make the most of it from a development standpoint.

Have fun and best of luck creating your playlists (err, playbooks)!

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