EuroLeague Recap: Best BLOBs and SLOBs of the Regular Season

By Sergey Tkachenko

With the final round of regular season EuroLeague games complete, take a look at some of the best inbounds plays from the top contenders. 

We all know inbounds situations are a very important part of basketball. These situations gives you an opportunity to organize a particular offensive action or scenario to create possible scoring opportunity. A competition such as the EuroLeague, which recently completed its final round of regular season games, in which a single play can decide the result of the game, the execution of BLOB and SLOB situations becomes crucial. Lets take a look at how the best European coaches organize their inbounds sets.

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EuroLeague BLOBs

CSKA Moscow – 53 Curl BLOB

CSKA moscow 53 curl blob

This is for sure one of the most effective BLOB plays among EuroLeague teams. This is a common set for EuroLeague sides, but only CSKA Moscow head coach Dimitris Itoudis is using the 4-2 pindown as a scoring option for 2. Due to the angle of the screen, it is nearly impossible to defend 2’s curl if x2 goes over.

KIROLBET Baskonia – Triple BLOB

Kiroblet baskonia triple blob

Baskonia’s Head Coach Velimir Perasovic has run this BLOB play with almost every team he has coached. A triple stagger is set for the shooting guard, who is also the inbounder, shown in Frame 2. This set has lots of options: If 2 receives the ball with no shot opportunity,  the set immediately flows into a 2-5 middle PNR with great spacing.

Barcelona Lassa – STS Punch 5 BLOB

Barcelona lassa sts punch 5 blob

In this set, Head Coach of Barcelona Lassa, Svetislav Pecic, uses a very popular (in recent times concept), what I call “Punch the Inbounder.” As you can see, 5, who is not a traditional inbounder for most teams, inbounds to 4 and immediately seals his defender for a post up. The entry for this set is the STS action for 4. Proper spacing during this action helps to avoid a double team from the weak side. Note that 4 and 1 interchange after the post entry to also remove x4 from digging in the post.

Anadolu Efes Istanbul – BLOB 4 Pop

Anadolu efes stack 4 pop blob

This is a perfect quick hitter set play, if you have a 4 who can shoot the three. As 3 fills the strong side corner, 1 and 5 immediately sets a Stack Screen for 4, who pops back to the 3pt line to get a shot. It is very hard to defend this situation, especially if 1 makes a contact with his defender before the screen to avoid any switching by the defense.

Panathinaikos Athens – Exit BLOB (vs Switching)

Panathinaikos exit switch blob

This is a special set play, which Rick Pitino, Head Coach of Panathinaikos Athens, uses in Low-Clock situations, when the defense wants to switch everything. 4 fakes a cut to the basket, which forces x4 to have a position between 4 and the rim. Then 2 comes to the corner using 4’s screen. In this situation, if x2 and x4 initiates a switch, it creates an advantage for 4, who can slip to the basket for an easy dunk or layup.


Real Madrid – 15 Swing Shuffle SLOB

Real Madrid 15 swing shuffle slob

This set has a basic option and a counter. Basic: STS Action, where 3 can pass the ball to the 4 in the low post, or pass the ball to 2, who comes off a 5’s pindown after setting a Shuffle Screen for 4. Counter: If x4 starts to cheat and go under the Shuffle Screen, then 4 changes direction and comes off 5’s pindown to get an open 3pt look. Nice design by Real Madrid Head Coach Pablo Laso.

Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv – 42 into Spread SLOB

Maccabi tel aviv 42 into spread slob

This set looks pretty simple, but let’s take a look inside why it’s so effective. When the 1-5 PNR comes, there is a double gap for 1 to attack the basket and 4 on the strong side, making it difficult for any help defenders to tag 5 on the roll. This is a perfect situation to set up a Spread PNR after a SLOB situation.

Zalgiris Kaunas – 51 Runner SLOB

Zalgiris 51 runner slob

In this set, Zalgiris Kaunas Head Coach Sarunas Jasikevicius uses his best shooter, Arturas Milaknis, to create a “coming off”situation. As 1 receives the ball at the top, 2 drags his defender, turns around and run off a Stagger Screen to create a shot or an advantage on the other side of the floor.

Fenerbahce Istanbul – X Iverson Spread SLOB

Fenerbahce x iverson spread slob

At the end, we have Zeljko Obradovic’s creative set. He uses an Iverson Screen which flows into a 1-5 middle PNR. If x5 pays attention on the Iverson Screen, then he will be late to cover the ball screen, which leads to creating a double gap for 1 to attack the rim.

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