Video Playbook: San Francisco Point Options

By Randy Sherman

Video Playbook: Point Series options from the University of San Francisco Dons

The Princeton Offense has layers and one of those layers is the Point Series. In the following video playbook, the University of San Francisco Dons will serve as our visual aid for these Point Series options.


First, let’s look at how to enter the offense and the Point alignment. The objective is to get the ball to the elbow and the intersecting paths of the trailer cutting behind his man and in front of the center aids this.


Once the guard plays the ball to the elbow (Frame 1 below) he/she has cutting options. They may cut over, middle or screen away (Frame 2 below).

In the diagrams and video below we see the “Over” option. In the “Over” option, 1 cuts hard into a “Throw & Go” handoff. Attempt to outrun your pass, take the handoff and score (Frame 3 below).

FastTradePreview copy

Bonus Option: “Over Chicago” – Over option with a down screen into a dribble handoff.


Each cutting option unlocks a new series of actions to create an advantage. Below is the “Middle” option where the passer cuts middle and exits off a pindown for a shot or stays on the move into a dribble handoff.

FastTradePreview copy 2


In the diagrams and video below the ball enters the elbow and the passer screens away. The “Away” option features split action off the elbow entry and flows seamlessly into Spread Ball Screen.

FastTradePreview copy 3

Spread Ball Screen

The Point Series can flow into Spread Ball Screen as well. Using the same cuts as the entries above, if the ball cannot be played to the elbow the center continues into a ball screen for the ball handler.

FastTradePreview copy 4

The Princeton Offense, which the Point Series is only a part of, is in the motion offense family. These options are reactions rather than calls. The offense reacts to the defense. Players react to the cut off the elbow entry and the decisions one player makes unlocks a new sequence.

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Feb 02 2019 Moraga CA, U.S.A. San Francisco guard Frankie Ferrari (2) looks to pass the ball during the NCAA Men’s Basketball game between San Francisco Dons and the Saint Mary’s Gaels 80-86 lost at McKeon Pavilion Moraga Calif. Thurman James / CSM(Credit Image: © Thurman James/CSM via ZUMA Wire)

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