Employee Spotlight – Brett Hartig

By Alicia Quintero

In this FastModel X’s and O’s feature, we’re excited to introduce Brett Hartig, the mastermind behind all of our data organization. In his near decade with the company, Brett has managed over a half trillion records of data and played a significant role with the success of FastScout and the launch of FastRecruit. Here is his story:

What is your name?

[B] Brett Hartig.


[B]: St. Louis, Missouri 

What’s your current position at FastModel?

[B]: Director of Data Operations.  I work with our data sources to make sure the stats, images, and schedules that power FastScout and FastRecruit are coming in as accurately and timely as possible. 

How did you find FastModel?

[B]: I worked for a different sports technology company from 2004-2010, and got to know FastModel while at different events like the Final Four and Summer League, and moved over to work for Ross in 2010.

What’s your favorite thing about working at FastModel?

[B]: It’s cliche, but I love sports, so I feel fortunate to be able to work in this field with this team.

What’s your favorite project you’ve been a part of? 

[B]: Hard to pick just one, but In 2013, creating the youth coaching videos with George Karl and Tara VanDerveer was a lot of fun.

How many hours have you spent validating the accuracy of our data?

[B]: This is impossible for me to answer.  Well over 10,000 hours going back nearly a full decade.  There are times of the season where the basketball world doesn’t stop, so we don’t either; there have definitely been some late nights and odd hours.

Do you have a favorite product? Why is it your favorite?

[B]: Probably FastRecruit, because of the progress we’ve made with that product and the data that powers it.  Making order out of the chaos that can come with July recruiting has been challenging but fun. 

Favorite sport and team?

[B]: I like pretty much all sports.  Favorite teams are Arizona State and the St. Louis Cardinals

Interesting fact about yourself?

[B]: Outside of work, you can usually find me playing tennis or chasing my 4 and 2 year old sons around.

Thank you, Brett for all your hard work and dedication!


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