Employee Spotlight – Jimmy Polet

By Alicia Quintero

In this FastModel X’s and O’s feature, we’re excited to introduce Jimmy Polet, our Client Services Manager & DII/DIII Account Manager. Have you ever written a support ticket to FastModel Sports? There’s a good chance Jimmy had a hand in helping to quickly solve your problem and get you back to your play diagrams, scouting reports, or recruiting!

Here is his story:

What’s your name? 

[J]: Jimmy


What’s your hometown?

[J]: Chicago, IL


How many years have you worked at FastModel Sports: 

[J]: 2+


What’s your current position at FastModel?

[J]: Client Services Manager and DII/DIII Account Manager. I work with our customers – whether it is helping them to utilize the products or working with programs as to which products and services work best for them.


What’s your favorite thing about working at FastModel? 

[J]: What’s not to love? I work in an office with people who are all now friends. I speak daily with basketball coaches about basketball, stats, and everything else in between. I’ve worked in basketball software/services for over 5 years now between this job and my previous position. 


What’s your favorite project you’ve been a part of? 

[J]: This is a no brainer. Bringing FastScout to NCAA DII and DIII. I have always been a big small college basketball fan. I follow DIII basketball more than any rational human should, so being able to work with that level has been super meaningful to me.


What’s your best customer story? 

[J]: I think one of my favorite things was DIII Conference tournament week and First/Second Round of the NCAA Tournament. Watching all of the teams that we worked with this past season try to advance and win championships. One of the cool things about that level is being able to stream the games online, so for two weeks straight having my phone out and switching from game to game to watch and sweat it out with them was a lot of fun.


Do you have a favorite product? Why is it your favorite? 

[J]: It’s got to be FastScout. I have always been a stats and analytics junkie, so that really taps into that for me. I am also a former teacher, so I like that it is great for different styles of learning with video as well.


What’s your favorite sport and team? 

[J]: Sports: Basketball and Golf. Teams: Cleveland Cavs, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Indians (Browns were gone when I was a kid), and I have to give a special shoutout to Hope College Basketball as well. I never miss a game for my alma mater.

hope college


What’s an interesting fact about yourself? 

[J]: I have watched an NBA game in 15 different NBA arenas. Goal is to get to all 29.


What’s a new hobby you’ve learned during the COVID-19 quarantine?

[J]: I haven’t really picked up a new hobby, but thankfully I have been able to work on my golf game in the backyard to get ready as the golf courses are just now opening back up. I’ve also been taking online classes in digital marketing.


Thank you Jimmy for all your hard work & dedication!

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