Employee Spotlight – Katie Dillon

By FastModel Sports

In this X’s and O’s feature, we are excited to introduce Katie Dillon, our Office Manager. The one who keeps our office going and keeps our staff informed. Katie is a crucial member of our team. Here is her story:


What’s your name? 

[K] Katie Dillon


What’s your hometown?

[K] Des Plaines, IL


How many years have you worked at FastModel Sports?

[K] 1.5 years


What’s your current position at FastModel?

[K] Office Manager/Executive Assistant 


What’s your favorite thing about working at FastModel? 

[K] It’s a really cool company!  When I started, this job was a career change for me and that was scary in itself, but the company adapted and worked with me to see my potential.  I never thought I would be able to do things, like traveling to go see conferences for the Final Four.  It’s been a fun company to work for and we have some pretty amazing people working here!


With COVID, you have been able to help in other departments. Which has been the most interesting so far?

[K] Helping the support team with keeping up with our clients licenses.


What’s your best office story? 

[K] Having 4 crock pots filled with Turkey plugged into one of our long office desks we used as a lunch table for our company Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a sight to see and truly felt like a family dinner.

What is your biggest office pet peeve?

[K] Not doing your own dishes.


What’s an interesting fact about yourself? 

[K] I love to fix things, if it’s broken I will figure out a way to get it to work again.


What’s your favorite non-work COVID project you’ve undertaken?

[K] DIY upgrading projects on my condo, getting it ready to sell.


We heard you’re a pretty good cook – especially with treats! – what’s your favorite recipe and why? 

[K] Chocolate chip cookies.  There are so many different variations of texture that you can achieve just by changing the ratios of sugars.


Do you have a daily mantra/routine/hobbies?

[K] Cafe Bustelo Iced Coffee and trick training with my pup.


Thank you Katie for making our office a home!

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