FastDraw + FastScout: An Unbeatable Combination for Basketball Coaches

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What the latest upgrades to our game-changing products really mean for basketball coaches, players and programs.

“The only constant in life is change.”

Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Over the years, we have worked hard to put thought and care into our products, incorporating feedback directly from our users: basketball coaches just like you.

Our company was founded in 2003 and since then, technology has improved and workflows have adapted. People expect a certain level of performance from their products. And so do we.

Growing a business, like coaching, is not always going to be a perfect science. It requires a lot of experimentation, testing, learning – and repeating that cycle many times. It can be messy at times, but no omelet was ever made without breaking a few eggs.

Change is inevitable, and change is good.

So to continue with the breakfast metaphor, we have been cooking our eggs for a while now and are ready to plate this omelet. We are thrilled about our recent upgrades to FastDraw and FastScout as they will no doubt help basketball coaches work more efficiently and collaboratively.

At the same time, we recognize that there is some confusion out there about what exactly these upgrades entail, so we want to clear that up. Again just like in coaching, communication is a crucial factor to business and life in general. Below is everything you need to know about our latest versions of FastDraw and FastScout.

BTW: Now seems like a good time to share that we are offering new subscribers 10% off the purchase of any software package. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you at the end of this post, too.

FastDraw Essentials – $109.99

Here’s the thing: This is the same version of FastDraw coaches have known and loved. It is downloaded to a computer as its own desktop app, and has the same functionality as in the past.

Ok, so let’s talk about the major differences and reasons for the current price point.

  • It’s meant for a one-person coaching staff.
  • It automatically includes a FastDraw iPad license.
  • It automatically comes with a FastDraw Web license, which allows you to log in and distribute plays and playbooks to anyone you want (coaching staff, players, new buddy you met at the Final Four). Also via this web portal we have added the ability to attach videos along with your plays and playbooks, in mp4 or m4v format.
  • It comes with access to the FastScout mobile app – and this is where some confusion can set it. Basically, this is just the FastDraw Web platform in a phone app format. A coach can have access to his/her plays/playbooks and video on their Android, iPhone or iPad for extra convenience when a computer is not available (think on the bus or at an AAU tournament).

FastDraw Premium – $149.99

Ok, so now you hopefully have a handle on what comes with the lower level of FastDraw. The game changer in the Premium package is the added ability to work collaboratively with your staff as you receive 4 total licenses of each FastDraw desktop and iPad, along with up to 20 licenses to the FastDraw Web platform for your coaches and players. Plus, you get more storage for video. Not bad for just an extra $40 to set up your entire program with this amazing tool.

Nothing beats proper reparation.

FastScout Essentials – $109.99

Our scouting product changed the coaching industry once, and we’re ready to do it again. This version offers so much more functionality, but is somehow more user friendly at the same time. We streamlined FastScout to run as a web-based program that still includes the ability to add individual/team stats, logos, and much more!

  • It’s meant for a one-person coaching staff.
  • One license to the web platform and one license to the mobile app.
  • Ability to enter all the stats and info you want/can handle.
  • Customizable scouting templates to fit the style you want your reports to have.
  • An offline mode that allows you to work anywhere without an internet connection (bus, plane, hotel that has shady WiFi) and without fear that your updates won’t be saved.
  • 50 GB of storage to add video files to your reports.
  • Upload FastDraw plays and playbooks to scouts.

FastScout Premium – $149.99

The main reasons to upgrade to the Premium version are simple: 1) more licenses (20) meaning your entire staff can collaborate on scouting reports, share info and distribute to players when necessary; and 2) more storage (100 GB) – good luck filling that up!

Although FastDraw and FastScout are two products, they are designed and built to be used as one. The bundles will provide basketball coaches the biggest bang for their buck.

FastDraw FastScout bundle FastModel Sports basketball coaching software
Double the power for maximum efficiency.

FastDraw + FastScout Bundle: Essentials – $215.99

One license to each program, giving a single-person coaching staff everything s/he needs for playbook and scouting report creation.

FastDraw + FastScout Bundle: Premium – $289.99

20 licenses to each program, giving a multi-person coaching staff everything it needs to prepare itself, its staff and players with playbook and scouting report creation, collaboration and distribution.

What does this mean for basketball coaches?

Trust us when we say that you will never regret investing in yourself, your team and your program. New customers, don’t hesitate! Get 10% off and get started today building the program you were destined to lead.

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