Employee Spotlight – Hayden Fehr

By FastModel Sports

In this FastModel X’s and O’s feature, we’re excited to introduce Hayden Fehr, a member of our Client Services team & a DII/DIII Account Manager. A resident midwesterner, Hayden brings his love for the Packers, the game of basketball, and all things SNKRS to FastModel! Here’s his story:

What’s your name? 

[H]  Hayden Fehr

What’s your hometown?

[H] Colfax, WI

How many years have you worked at FastModel Sports?

[H] 1.5 years

What’s your current position at FastModel?

[H] Client Services Associate & Division II/III Account Manager

What’s your favorite thing about working at FastModel? 

[H] I love so many things about working at FastModel. Before working here, I was in collegiate coaching and slightly worried about taking a job outside of coaching in the “real world”. FastModel is the perfect happy medium between coaching and the real world. I get to talk to coaches and talk basketball every day. I also get to maintain all of the relationships I made in basketball through my 5 years of coaching. On top of that, the work \environment is an awesome, family-like environment. We just need to get back into the office to keep stacking those ping pong W’s.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself? 

[H] Before I got into coaching college basketball, I was on the football team as a quarterback at  UW-La Crosse. I played for a year and a few months, but had to stop playing due to an elbow injury, which is when I started coaching!

How many L’s have you taken on the SNKRS app in 2020?

[H] Count all of the Saturdays in 2020 and subtract one and that’s your answer…… 

Who’s your favorite sports team?


What’s your favorite sport event you’ve ever been to (in person) and why?

[H] I’ve been very blessed to go to and take part in a ton of really cool sporting events. My favorite that I participated in was the 2019 NCAA tournament where Minnesota beat Louisville in the first round. My favorite sporting event that I attended was the 2019 Final Four at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis where I was lucky enough to sit courtside. I’m not sure anything will ever top that.

You got a puppy during quarantine. Tell us more about your dog!

[H] My girlfriend and I got sweet Maya in early September. She is a Goldendoodle and it has been quite an adventure! I don’t know if we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into, but it has been great and is only getting better. Maya’s favorite sport to watch is golf on TV (I’m serious).

You like to travel. What’s the best [COVID-safe] trip you’ve taken in 2020?

[H] I have actually gotten to take 3 trips in 2020. The first one was to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Then, in June I went out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and went on some awesome hikes in the Grand Tetons. The last trip I took was to San Francisco a few weeks ago. Each trip was so different that I can’t pick a favorite! The most memorable part of any of the trips was probably having a bear run-in in the Tetons in the middle of nowhere. I came around a corner and was standing face to face with a Black Bear and two cubs about 10 feet away.

For my next trip, my good friend built a camper van and we are hoping to backpack a lot of the Western US for about 3 weeks in early 2021. It’s a great time to do something like that, especially with the ability to work remotely!

Do you have a daily mantra/routine/hobbies?

[H] I don’t really have my own mantra, but being around PJ Fleck at the University of Minnesota and getting to know him a little bit, I have always loved his “Row the Boat” mantra. I think it is a great way to attack each day and live your life, so I have kind of adopted that. In PJ’s words, Row the Boat is “a never-give-up mantra….Your back is to the future, which is something you cannot control..You don’t know if there’s rocks, water falls, stormy seas, you don’t know what’s ahead of you. You’re rowing in the present, which is the only thing you can actually control, and the only thing you can actually have an impact on. You either choose to take your oars and put them back in the boat and stop, or you put them back in the water and continue to go.”

As far as hobbies, I love to golf, snowboard, go on runs, and cook. 

Thank you Hayden for all you do for our team! 

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