Playbank Recap: The Most Downloaded Diagrams of 2020

By FastModel Sports

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It’s been a quite a year, but that didn’t stop basketball coaches from utilizing our one-of-a-kind resource, the Playbank.

It’s no secret: The FastModel Sports Playbank is an incredibly valuable resource for coaches of all levels. We’re on the verge of surpassing 9,000 total diagrams for coaches to browse!

Some more stats from this year: The Playbank nearly hit six million total visits to the site, ultimately earning over 41,000 individual diagram downloads.

Of course, we have to give a major shout out to our TeamFastModel contributors as we couldn’t do any of this without such a dedicated group of coaches who are constantly watching games and submitting the best XsOs they see. A giant thank you to each of them for wanting to share and grow the game!

The Playbank is for everyone

Whether you’re a new coach in your first job at a junior high or a veteran college coach of 20 years, you’ll find plenty of great plays, OB’s, defenses, drills and player development ideas on the Playbank to add to your FastDraw library.

If you do happen to be a new coach (congrats!) and just activated your FastDraw program, the Playbank is the perfect place to start building up your empty library.

Of course, once a play or drill is in your library, you can do whatever you want with it: You’re free to rename it, edit players/actions, add frame descriptions, enter notes and more. So even if you see a play that might not exactly fit your program, that’s fine — you can still download and then customize it however you like.

There are simple sets and concepts for youth coaches submitted by our partners like the Wizards Basketball Academy (see one below) and Cavs Youth Sports. There are plenty of high school sets from teams around the country. There are tons of diagrams from NCAA men’s and women’s programs.

Plus, we got you covered on diagrams from international clubs in the ACB, EuroLeague, Basketball Champions League along with FIBA national teams. And of course, hundreds of sets from the game’s top levels, the NBA and WNBA.

That’s enough buildup — time to give you what you came for! Take a look and see how many plays you already grabbed, and if there are any you want to send over to your FastDraw library. Just click to download. And if you want to browse the Playbank on your own, start here.

Whatever level you coach, FastModel has a solution for you. Check out our options for Youth, International, College and Professional programs. New users get 20% off a 1-year subscription of FastDraw and FastScout.

Playbank’s Most Downloaded Plays of the Year

20. Creighton Bluejays – Elevator

19. Michigan State Spartans – STS ATO BLOB

18. Wizards Basketball Academy – 4 Out 1 In Motion Offense

17. Gonzaga Bulldogs – Pick & Roll Continuity

16. Gonzaga Bulldogs – Box Lob BLOB

15. “Kansas” – Zone Offense Quick Hitter

14. Continuity Zone Offense – Rotation

13. UCLA Bruins – Zone ATO

12. Elevator Post Split BLOB

11. Los Angeles Lakers – UCLA Spain

10. Los Angeles Lakers – Horns Split

9. UConn Huskies WBB – High Low Zone Offense – Hand Off Entry

8. Milwaukee Bucks – Sideline Power SLOB

7. Los Angeles Lakers – Elevator SLOB

6. Seattle Storm – Horns Flex

5. Kentucky Wildcats – High Pick and Roll

4. Elbows 1-3-1 Zone Offense

3. Indiana Pacers – Wheel SLOB

2. Team USA – Horns Back Screen Lob

1. FIU Panthers – Horns Blind Pig (323 total downloads)

Invest in yourself and your program today!

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