Playbank Recap: The Most Downloaded Drills of 2020

By FastModel Sports

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The most popular offensive, defensive, transition, conditioning and player development drills and SSG’s on the Playbank last year.

Ok, so you know about the Playbank. Good. There isn’t much more to say about it than what we wrote in the Top Plays of 2020 blog post, which if you didn’t check out yet, definitely do so as there are some absolute dynamite sets in there. Send ’em to your FastDraw library ASAP!

Drills on drills

Of course, the Playbank has much more than set play XsOs. Next up, we dove into the most downloaded basketball drills of last year. Whether you want to train offensive skills, rep defensive concepts, install transition phases, play small sided games or just step up the conditioning, we got you covered. And downloading is easy:

If you’re looking for more player development ideas, you can find all blog posts on the topic here. We also put together this Player Development drillbook in July 2019 with the best drills from TeamFastModel contributors.

Enjoy these top drills (click to download) and feel free to share feedback of what plays and drills you’d like to see more of this year!

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Playbank’s Most Downloaded Drills of 2020

20. Warrior Finishing Drill: Forwards

19. Stagger Shooting (Phase A)

18. Star Shooting Drill

17. 1v1 Baseline Contesting

16. SSG: 3v3 One More Drill

15. 3v3 Flow – Competitive Conditioning

14. Kill Spot Passing

13. Bob Jones University: Disadvantaged Transition

12. Shot Clock 1v1

11. 3v3 Cut Throat Rebounding

10. Communication Drill: One More Drive & Kick Shooting

9. Box & Break

8. Warrior Shooting Drill: Guards

7. Laker Minute Drill (Defensive Conditioning)

6. 1v1 Attack FC

5. Drive React Drill

4. Extra Pass Shooting

3. Competitive Shell 3v3 & 4v4

2. Cone Handle Shots

1. Euro Ball Screen Shooting

Invest in yourself and your program today!

(Plus get all of these drills organized in one place.)

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