Defense Debate: Which Way Do You Force Opponents?

By FastModel Sports

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Last Sunday we asked a simple question on Twitter, and the coaching community turned up to debate forcing Middle vs Baseline on defense.

As people tend to do at the start of a new year, we have been reflecting lately. We feel fortunate to have such a passionate base of coaches that are more than just customers.

All of us here at FMS are grateful for the connected and engaged coaching community that we’ve built together over a decade. So thank you to each and every coach out there who uses our products, contributes to our content, follows us and shares their experiences with the overall goal of growing this game we love.

Our community is the foundation of what makes discussions like these possible and fun, so let’s get to it!

Let’s debate defense!

We posed a simple question about two common strategies of defense:

No Middle, we were pretty sure, was going to have the most advocates, which bore out to be correct in our subsequent poll.

However! The No Baseline folks, although smaller in numbers, chimed in to support their preference and explain the philosophy behind why taking away baseline drives benefits their teams in various ways.

There were a couple outlier responses as well, including forcing opponents to the left and different preferences for man and zone defenses.

The main theme that arose is that no strategy is right or wrong — it’s simply a matter of what you prefer as a coach, and then most importantly, sticking to that philosophy and teaching it.

Overall, it was a fascinating debate about defense, and all who participated in the discussion or are reading this post right now can be confident that they will come away from it better having listened, shared and challenged their coaching philosophy.

Continue the conversation on defense

Feel free to keep the discussion going in the Twitter thread and make sure to tag us @fastmodel so we can help moderate and share. Next check out our Playbank recap of 2020, especially as many of the most downloaded drills come from the defensive side of the ball.

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