Printable Blank Diagram Sheet For Basketball Coaches In FastDraw

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printable blank diagram sheet FastDraw basketball

Grab your printable blank diagram sheet to X and O your way through the NCAA Tournaments and join in the #FastModelMadness21.

It’s March, and we’re feeling the Madness… the FastModel Madness, that is!

We’ll be using the hashtag #FastModelMadness21 for all of our NCAA men’s and women’s tournament content. Search it on social media to follow the action from an XsOs and coaching point of view, plus use it yourself to join in on the conversation.

Now, a large part of that content will be the FastDraw play diagrams you’re accustomed to seeing, and we know that watching for and diagramming new plays is a big part of how coaches watch the tournaments.

Of course, we’d love for everyone to be doing their diagramming in FastDraw. But we know it’s sometimes faster to sketch up a set on paper first. You can always add to FastDraw later when you have the time.

So we created this printable blank diagram sheet with various formations (half court, full court, BLOB and SLOB) for coaches to download, print and utilize during the NCAA Tournaments, and beyond.

Click the button below and follow the instructions to download to FastDraw or as a PDF. Happy diagramming!

Printable Blank Diagram Sheet – FastDraw

Scan this code to download to your mobile device.

This layout of this blank diagram sheet is 3×4 and 3×2 for full court, but if you send to FastDraw, you can then customize the page layout any way you like. Follow this guide on how to create a custom playbook.

The off season has arrived, meaning there is no better time to utilize FastDraw. Build your play library, organize your XsOs, share player development drills with players, and create playbooks for your team and staff.

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