FastScout Player Profiles: 2021 NBA Draft – Top 5 Prospects

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Check out our FastScout Player Profiles for the top five prospects in the 2021 NBA Draft, along with go-to FastDraw plays and video clips.

The NBA Draft always excites us as its a chance to glimpse the game’s future stars at a turning point in their basketball journeys.

Ahead of the 2021 edition, we had some fun creating FastScout Player Profiles for each of the top five projected picks.

Contributor Tony Miller filmed breakdowns as well covering each prospect’s go-to play in FastDraw plus live game footage.

Hope you enjoy these FastScout Player Profiles! Who would you draft with these insights?!

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Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma State Cowboys

Go-to set: Inbounder Post BLOB

With Cunningham’s combination of size and skill, it’s no wonder there wasn’t many players at the college level who could stop him. OSU often posted him as he almost always had a smaller playing defending him. Placing Cunningham as the inbounder for baseline under situations was an easy way to get him on the block.

Evan Mobley, USC Trojans

Go-to set: Side PNR Slip

NBA scouts have been dreaming of adding Mobley’s athleticism to their rosters for over a year. No matter which team selects him, no doubt they’ll put him in PNR situations like this to utilize his screening/popping/rolling abilities.

Jalen Green, NBA G League Ignite

Go-to set: Lob ATO

Toss the ball toward the rim and let Green go get it. He shoots a decent enough percentage from beyond the arc that defenses must respect it, thus opening up the lob opportunity if/when they overplay him. You’d expect his shooting ability to only improve in the NBA, which would only make a set like this more effective.

Jalen Suggs, Gonzaga Bulldogs

Go-to set: Ghost Screen ATO

Mark Few often called up looks like this to take advantage of Suggs’ elite vision and passing. A simple ghost screen is all it takes to confuse the defense. Let Suggs cook from there! He almost always makes the right decision.

Scottie Barnes, Florida State Seminoles

Go-to set: Slot DHO

When you have an athlete like Barnes, you don’t complicate your offense. Give him a quick DHO and have teammates space and clear the lane. He’ll do the rest from there.

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