DEFENSIVE DRILLS: 9 Ways To Build A Stronger Defense This Season

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Use these 9 progressive defensive drills to build a stronger defense by teaching players how to guard individually and as a team.

As we all know, there are two sides to basketball: offense and defense. Here at FMS, we admittedly focus a lot on the offensive side of the ball; probably too much.

Which is why lately, we’re making a conscious shift to the other end of the court in order to showcase defense

Contributor Charlie Wallrapp loves coaching defense. Luckily for everyone reading, he’s recently shared his nine favorite defensive drills with us which are published on his Playbank page and are sure to help your program become an elite defensive unit this season.

Click on a drill to view full instructions and download it to your FastDraw library. We’ll let Coach Wallrapp take it from here!

Coach Wallrapp: These nine drills are a few of my favorites to utilize in building a strong defense. In order to become a great defensive team, players must buy into several things. The top ones to me are effort, toughness, and communication. If your players do not have these three ideals, then your team will not reach its full potential defensively. Coaches must make these player traits a priority.

Having active hands and pressuring the ball is important, too. When emphasizing ball pressure, it challenges players to improve their defense on the ball and it also makes them better on offense. You should coach all of these principles and the defensive details throughout every part of practice, not just in drills.

Build your defense with the basics first. Teach players how to close out, sit in a stance off the ball, and move on the flight of the pass. As you team masters the basics, move on to more complicated ideas and schemes.

In terms of these drills, I would go through at least two of them per practice during the season. Early in the year, teach your strategy and how to defend each action to your players. Later in the year, use these drills as maintenance for your defensive scheme, and reminders to your players on how to guard certain actions.

Hope these drills help your team become the best defensive unit possible!

They say defense wins championships. Whether you agree or disagree, you must focus on that side of the ball to have a chance at success. Build your defensive concepts and drill library with FastDraw, and share with your staff and team. Then use FastScout to create a report template that your players will be able to easily study and execute on game day.

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Defensive Drills

Shell Defense Drill

Baseline Drive Rotation Defense Drill

Slot Drive Rotation Defense Drill

Diamond Defense Drill

KO Defensive Drill

Post Defense Drill

Defending the Ball Defense Drill

Line Transition Defense Drill

Stopper Defense Drill

Bonus Defensive Drill!

4 on 3 Defense Drill

Progression of Defensive Drills

Follow the progression as the drills are listed above. Always start with the basics and smaller numbers before going into more complex actions and 5 on 5. Becoming an elite defense is all about guarding actions. Once your players can handle them one after another, you will begin to see the stops, and W’s, adding up.

Check out Coach Wallrapp’s Playbank page for more plays and drills.

Share Your Favorite Defensive Drills With Us

Got some good defensive drills that you think the FMS coaching community needs to see? Share them with us by posting and tagging @FastModel on Twitter, or submit to for publishing to the Playbank.

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