Erica Williamson – InterviewU x FMS Podcast Series: Episode 1

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Erica Williamson FastModel Sports InterviewU Podcast

Takeaways from episode 1 of the InterviewU x FMS podcast series featuring our Director of Product, Erica Williamson, on her hoops journey.

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We’re thrilled to announce a partnership between FMS and the InterviewU Podcast hosted by coach Lewis Shine! This 4-part series is centered around our elite coaching tools, but only as a vehicle for a larger conversation around everything related to high level coaching: philosophy, style, relationships, program building, offense, defense, XsOs – it’s all on the table.

Coach Shine kicked things off in the first episode by speaking to our Director of Product, Erica Williamson. A Notre Dame women’s basketball letter winner and former coach on multiple staffs, Williamson uses her prior experience on the court and sideline to lead the future of FMS products. Helping coaches do their jobs better is her passion.

Here are some of the top takeaways from the episode with Erica Williamson.

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Erica Williamson conversation with Lewis Shine

Lasting relationships with coaches

We preach building relationships with players all the time on this blog and our other channels. Hearing Williamson speak about her many positive experiences with coaches along her journey is very meaningful. Here’s just one example.

“I obviously got to know Coach (Muffet) McGraw, who is one of the biggest impacts and mentors in my life. She’s helped me become the person I am today and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity she gave me to attend an incredible institution and get a fantastic education, and to play some really good basketball along the way.”

Career shift by joining FastModel

As a member of the Notre Dame coaching staff, Williamson helped lead the Fighting Irish to a national championship in 2018. Having achieved this ultimate prize, she was ready to make a transition from coaching to another area of basketball. The team’s video coordinator and general tech guru, Williamson was responsible for putting together ND’s FastDraw playbooks and FastScout reports. Naturally, it was a perfect fit to join FMS to continue her hoops career.

“I stepped into my role with FastModel Sports and I was thrilled to join a basketball company, to be one step over, getting to serve our coaches in a very different way. It’s been a lot of fun for me. I work with our Product team, Engineering team, Sales team, Client Services team to understand what our coaches need. To help solve their problems, to think like coaches and develop software that can help them be more efficient, win more games – all those things that I needed FastModel software for when I was coaching, I get to now make for the current generation of coaches.”

Gratitude for the game’s opportunities

Reflecting on her overall basketball journey – playing as a kid, competing in AAU and Division I, coaching in a national championship, and working at a leading sports technology company – Williamson is grateful for everything the game has given her.

“It’s pretty incredible. I’ve been really lucky. Understanding that this game could take me somewhere, and then now looking around and saying look where this game has brought me and where it could continue to go. So I’ve just been really, really lucky.”

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