Aaron Schuck: FMS x InterviewU Podcast Series – Episode 3

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Aaron Schuck FastModel Sports InterviewU Podcast basketball coach

Takeaways from episode 3 of our serving coaches series with InterviewU featuring FMS contributor Aaron Schuck on style, motivation and more.

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We’re thrilled to announce a partnership between FMS and the InterviewU Podcast hosted by coach Lewis Shine! This 4-part series will be centered around our elite coaching tools, but only as a vehicle for a larger conversation around everything related to high level coaching: philosophy, style, relationships, program building, offense, defense, XsOs – it’s all on the table.

In episode three, Lewis chatted with TeamFastModel contributor Coach Aaron Schuck about how he got into coaching, what motivates him, how he motivates his players, how technology has helped him improve as a coach and much more.

Here are some of the top takeaways from this episode with Aaron Schuck.

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Aaron Schuck conversation with Lewis Shine

Falling in love with coaching

Got into coaching really early, as in right after graduating from North Gwinnett HS in Georgia. Schuck’s coach Ralph Nunn recognized that he had the aspiration, so he gave him a whistle and a clipboard to help with the varsity boys program.

“When you’re a kid, you have that dream of hitting the game winning shot in Game 7 of the Finals, or the Final Four or the NCAA Tournament. I was a little different. I had the dream of wanting to draw up the play for the game winning shot to go in.”

Lessons learned along the way

“Stay true to who you are. Stay true to your beliefs. The kids appreciate that, players appreciate that. They want to work hard for you. They want you to be demanding of them, they want to get better because they’re there. Set those high expectations and those high standards.

Setting high goals

“For me, the goal is to win a state championship every year. We want to win championships. Even if we don’t – which I’ve never been on a staff that has – if you do everything that you can and do it the right way, you’re going to gain experiences, you’re going to have multiple lessons that you can carry with you in the process that you can pull back on later on in life.”

“If you’re doing the right things, you’re working hard every day, you’re not cutting corners, taking the easy way out… and you hold those kids to that standard every single day, there’s going to be moments throughout the season or throughout the course of four years, that when they’re 35, 36, 37 years old, they’re going to be able to reach back and be able to use that later in life. That’s something that has always stuck with me, and I will never waiver from that.”

What makes a coach “successful”

“I think success is defined by not wins and losses but what do your players do when they graduate. What kind of people are they? Did you help them become the person that they wanted to be?”

“I’ve been very fulfilled. The people that coaching has brought into my life, mentors that I’ve had from the game of basketball, what I’ve learned from it, how I live my life day to day, the values its instilled in me, it’s been very fulfilling.”

Coaching and playing style

“Everyone’s got their own way of doing things. I like player movement without the basketball. I think the biggest thing for me is what you’re emphasizing. How you’re teaching those XsOs. What skills and drills that you’re doing. And then, you find those XsOs that fit whatever you’re doing in practice or what you’re emphasizing to your players.”

Discovering the power of FastDraw

“The organizational part was the biggest thing for me. I wasn’t losing time looking for something I drew up a couple weeks ago and couldn’t find in my office or whatnot. So the organizational part was huge. You create your own library. Everything is right there.”

TeamFastModel’s platform

“It’s a way to stay connected, it’s a way to meet other coaches. It’s a way to share and for people to see what you do, and for me to see what they do. You kind of pick and piece what you like from others and form your own opinions and philosophies from that. If you’re an XsOs geek like I am and most coaches are, it’s one heck of a product.”

Well said, Aaron!

Check out Coach Aaron Shuck’s Playbank page for play and drill XsOs!

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