FastScout Success Story: Inside Oral Roberts’ Game Prep Process

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Oral Roberts FastScout Success Story FastModel Sports

Here’s how FastScout fueled a Sweet 16 run for the Oral Roberts men’s basketball program in the 2021 Men’s NCAA Tournament, plus Graduate Assistant Coach Dave Nedbalek shares his favorite features.

During March Madness every edge matters, no matter how small. That’s why we built a company around helping coaches prepare their teams for success, and often use the hashtag #WinnersComePrepared.

We’ve truly seen it all in the NCAA Tournament, especially when Maryland-Baltimore County knocked off Virginia in 2019 as the first ever #16 seed over #1 seed upset. For these types of underdog performances, game preparation has to be flawless.

Oral Roberts Goes Dancing

One of the darlings of the 2021 men’s tourney was Oral Roberts. The 12-seeded Golden Eagles took down a few power conference giants from the Big Ten and SEC in Ohio State and Florida to reach the Sweet 16. ORU then gave the fifth-seeded Arkansas Razorbacks all they could handle, eventually falling just a few points short of reaching the Elite 8.

One of the keys to ORU’s cinderella story was its game preparation behind the scenes. Using customized FastScout reports to develop game plans, graduate assistant coach Dave Nedbalek made sure the staff and players had all the information necessary to hit the court with confidence. It’s safe to say the Golden Eagles executed to their plans to near perfection as the results speak for themselves.

This allowed the team to go out and play its game with confidence, executing a game plan they knew would work.

We’ll let Coach Nedbalek, a huge FastDraw enthusiast and long time FMS contributor (here’s his Playbank page), tell you directly what he loves most about the FastScout program.

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Coach Nedbalek’s Favorite FastScout Features

1) Customization

Anything I want and need a scout to be, it can be. Depending on the game, I might have opponent BLOBs on the front, or I might have personnel instead. 

Our Sweet 16 game versus Arkansas when it was my scout, I had play calls on the front page. I wanted them highly visible since the Razorbacks run so many sets. I inserted plays from FastDraw, along with blank diagrams from the program which I use to capture opponent play calls and actions on the fly. Overall, the program is very flexible and customizable in making it specific to what your program prefers. Even adjust reports game to game if needed.

2) Save As Template

Once I build out a good base structure for each unique report – whether it be a coaches bench scout or team scout with different information – then I can save this as a template. This is a tremendous time saver as it allows you to simply duplicate the template for each scout going forward, rather than always having to recreate it.

3) Presentation

The ‘wow factor’ of a well-designed FastScout report creates a handout that is clean, consistent, and engaging to staff and student-athletes alike. I’ve created some reports that are simply a front and back page, then I’ve made others where they were up to 24 pages. These reports are easy to create and you can utilize color schemes, logos, and branding to create an engaging document. 

If your program is into sharing reports digitally, then you’ll be happy to read the next segment…

4) Portability

The FastScout mobile app is a phenomenal tool for sending reports, playbooks, video and more directly to player’s mobile devices like a phone or tablet.

With it I’m able to view reports digitally on the fly, such as when walking through the scout at shootaround or in team meetings. I can also send it to players’ mobile devices so they can view it comfortably. Plus, us coaches can be confident that players will have scouts in their pocket at all times and never lose a report for someone outside the program to discover.

One scenario where the FastScout app is really beneficial is when I’m working with our scout team on the court. This feature is a game-changer and makes the information much easier to look up and disseminate quickly. FYI, both iOS and Android devices are FastScout app compatible.

5) Customization – Part 2!

A report can literally be whatever you want or need it to be. You can resize, drag, move, copy, insert, etc. to your heart’s content. FastScout allows coaches to attach graphics, tables, PDFs, videos, play diagrams, full playbooks and more. This is a blank canvas that you can customize as far as you can imagine. 

He’s not just a FastScout fan! View Coach Nedbalek’s Playbank page for tons of excellent FastDraw play diagrams from the NBA, NCAA and more!

Experience Success Like Oral Roberts

To all the coaches reading this, we hope you understand how beneficial FastScout was to the Oral Roberts program and that you’ll be curious to try out with yours. It’s a valuable tool for any level of basketball that will help coaches communicate better with their team and prepare more effectively for games. It might even take your team to a Sweet 16, or beyond. Take Coach Nedbalek’s word for it!

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