The Playbank’s Top 21 Plays of 2021

By FastModel Sports

Top 21 Plays of 2021

The internet’s best basketball XsOs resource had a banner year. Check out the Top 21 Plays of 2021 & data on how coaches used the Playbank.

Let’s start with a round of applause for our entire FastModel Family coaching community on another awesome year of growth and development. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to fuel your passion and profession. Serving coaches is what drives our company forward every single day.

If you’re familiar with FMS, then you know about the power of the Playbank. Not to brag, but we consider it the best basketball #XsOs resource on the internet. It hosts thousands of plays and drills, with all the actions and situations you could want from every level of the game all over the world. We also owe a massive thank you to our Team FastModel contributors, who make the Playbank what it is by submitting the best XsOs they see throughout the season and off-season.

We’re just as into analytics with our own content sites as we are with the game of basketball. The Playbank is honing in on crossing the 10,000 total diagrams mark, so keep an eye out for a celebration when that happens in early 2022. For now, enjoy this wrap up of the site’s successful year with some stats and of course, the Top 21 Plays of 2021. Cheers!

Playbank Year in Review

Traffic & Page Views

We are pleased to report that the Playbank amassed over 6.2 MILLION page views in 2021.

Coaches were all over the site in October, making it the most visited month with exactly 673,195 total views. November was the second most popular month, tallying 656,691 total views.

May 13 holds the top spot for the most visited day as coaches stopped by a record 39,739 times. This is followed by September 1 at 37,324 and December 13 at 37,254.

FastDraw Diagram Downloads

If our calculations are correct (and they always are), coaches downloaded a grand total of 51,364 diagrams to their FastDraw libraries in 2021. Coaches sent 6,596 different diagrams to their accounts over the year, which is amazing considering the full site contains around 9,700 diagrams at the time of writing. It’s great to see over two thirds of the site’s content being utilized!

The year started and ended on fire. November earned the most downloads of any month with 6,142 followed by January with 6,092. March came in third with 5,944.

Most Popular Situations

  • BLOB: Only four made the Top 21, but 16 made the Top 100.
  • SLOB: Just three made the Top 21, while seven ended up in the Top 100
  • Zone Offense: Five diagrams made the Top 21, and 14 made the Top 100.

Most Common Actions

  • STS: Five plays with screen-the-screener action landed in the Top 100; two in the Top 21.
  • Elevator: Only a single one made the Top 21, while six made the Top 100.
  • Horns: Just one made the Top 21 but 12 made the Top 100.

Top Teams

  • The 2021 NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks landed two plays in the Top 21, but then only had one more make the Top 100.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers had three sets land in the Top 100.
  • Defending NCAA Men’s National Champion Baylor Bears had seven sets make the Top 100.
  • The team the Bears beat, the Gonzaga Bulldogs, had three plays make the Top 100, as did another Final Four participant in the UCLA Bruins.
  • The 2021 NCAA Women’s National Champion Stanford Cardinal placed five in the Top 100, followed by Final Four contender Connecticut Huskies with four.
  • The Loyola Chicago Ramblers notched eight plays in the Top 100, while the Creighton Bluejays also had two. Give the mid-majors some love!
  • The USA women’s & men’s national teams together placed three plays in the Top 100.

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Top 21 Plays of 2021

(based on total # of downloads from the Playbank)

[Click on a diagram for more details and to download it to your FastDraw library. Also, check out this list of the Top Plays of 2020 to compare!]

21. Baylor Bears – Box Backdoor BLOB

20. Princeton Offense – Point Series – Over

19. Team USA – Horns Side PNR

18. Loyola Chicago Ramblers – 5 Out Fake DHO

17. Loyola Chicago Ramblers – Zone Offense Double Cut

16. Slovenia – Weave Ball Screen

15. Iowa Hawkeyes – Box Power

14. Michigan Wolverines – Deep Corner BLOB

13. FIU Panthers – Horns Blind Pig

12. Seattle Storm – STS BLOB

11. Los Angeles Lakers – Elevator SLOB

10. Michigan State Spartans – STS ATO BLOB

9. Loyola Chicago Ramblers – Circle Action

8. Kansas Jayhawks – Pistol Triple Gap

7. Zone Offense: Quick Hitter – ” Kansas “

6. Milwaukee Bucks – Power SLOB

5. Continuity Zone Offense – Rotation

4. Milwaukee Bucks – Sideline Power SLOB

3. Gonzaga Bulldogs – Zone Screen Seal

2. UConn Huskies WBB – High Low Zone Offense – Hand Off Entry

1. Wizards Basketball Academy – 4 Out 1 In Motion Offense (203 total downloads)

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