The Playbank’s Top 21 Drills of 2021

By FastModel Sports

Top 21 Drills of 2021

The internet’s best basketball XsOs resource had a banner year. Check out the Top 21 Drills of 2021 & data on how coaches used the Playbank.

You can read more about our yearly reflections in this Top 21 Plays of 2021 post. But suffice to say, it was a tremendous 365 days for us and our worldwide coaching community. We of course have to say thank you again to our dedicated TeamFastModel contributors, whom without their hard work, the Playbank would not exist, let alone thrive. Finally, a major thank you to all of coaches who support us by consuming out content, whether they have our products or not. (But seriously, get FastDraw and FastScout if you don’t currently have them! The investment in yourself and your program is more than worth it, so we hear.)

Cheers to another great year ahead in 2022. Let’s get to 10 million page views!

Playbank Year in Review

Traffic & Page Views

We are pleased to report that the Playbank amassed over 6.2 MILLION page views in 2021.

Coaches were all over the site in October, making it the most visited month with exactly 673,195 total views. November was the second most popular month, tallying 656,691 total views.

May 13 holds the top spot for the most visited day as coaches stopped by a record 39,739 times. This is followed by September 1 at 37,324 and December 13 at 37,254.

FastDraw Diagram Downloads

If our calculations are correct (and they always are), coaches downloaded a grand total of 51,364 diagrams to their FastDraw libraries in 2021. Coaches sent 6,596 different diagrams to their accounts over the year, which is amazing considering the full site contains around 9,700 diagrams at the time of writing. It’s great to see over two thirds of the site’s content being utilized!

The year started and ended on fire. November earned the most downloads of any month with 6,142 followed by January with 6,092. March came in third with 5,944.

Most Popular Types of Drills

Shooting: Seven of the Top 21 drills, and 12 of the Top 100

Defense: Thee of the Top 21 drills, and eight of the Top 100.

Small Sided Games: Four of the Top 21 drills, and seven of the Top 100.

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Top 21 Drills of 2021

(based on total # of downloads from the Playbank)

[Click on a diagram for more details and to download it to your FastDraw library. Also, check out this list of the Top Drills of 2020 to compare!]

21. Laker Minute Drill (Defensive Conditioning)

20. Team Shaka Shooting

19. 3-on-3 Flow – Competitive Conditioning

18. Competitive Shell 3v3 & 4v4

17. Loyola Shooting Competition

16. KO Defense Drill

15. Baseline Drive Rotation Drill

14. 1v1 ATTACK FC

13. Stagger Shooting (Phase A)

12. SSG: Cone Finishing (3v3)

11. Kill Spot Passing

10. SSG: 3v3 One More Drill

9. 3v3 Cut Throat Rebounding

8. Warrior Finishing Drill: Forwards

7. Diamond Defense Drill

6. Warrior Shooting Drill: Guards

5. Extra Pass Shooting

4. SSG: Cone Touch (3v3)

3. Communication Drill: One More Drive & Kick Shooting

2. Drive React Drill

1. Euro Ball Screen Shooting (155 downloads)

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Unleash the potential of your program with the power of ours. #ChampionsUseFastModel
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