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5 Out vs 4 Out

Continuing the 5 Out vs 4 Out, 1 In conversation with play diagrams + get your free copy of the Celtics 41 Series mini playbook via FastTrade!

Sometimes (oftentimes) the simplest questions garner the most interesting responses.

A week ago we posed a question to coaches on Twitter: 5 Out or 4 Out, 1 In? More than 130K impressions later, the debate is still going on…

The best part of discussions like these–there are no right or wrong answers. It all comes down to a coach’s philosophy and how well they teach it to their players. No matter the offense or defense, there are always going to be tradeoffs. If there was a perfect way of playing out there, then we’d all be doing the same thing!

Clearly, personnel is a major factor to choosing which of these offensive alignments is best for your team. 5 Out coaches like the spacing and driving lanes it creates, while 4 Out, 1 In coaches prefer it due to the post presence and screening ability of the inside player. Join the conversation to share your insights!

We just featured 5 Out and 4 Out sets in our Plays of the Week email, of which some sets are posted below.

Plus, FMS contributor Tony Miller hosted an extended live episode of his weekly FastDraw Chalk Talk show on our YouTube channel featuring a 4 Out series from the Boston Celtics.

Finally, Coach Miller dropped a mini playbook he created of the 4 Out, 1 In series for us to share with FastDraw subscribers.

Check out our entire library of 5 Out and 4 Out sets on the Playbank. Click on a diagram below to add it to your FastDraw library. Enjoy the XsOs!

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5 Out Sets

5 Out Screen Away Motion Offense

Loyola Chicago Ramblers – 5 Out BS Fake DHO

Chicago Sky – 5 Out Curl (Secondary)

Florida Gators – 5 Out Dribble Option

Argentina – 5 Out Clear

5 Out Double Flare “Special”

4 Out, 1 In Sets

4 Out Circle Motion

1-4 High 4 Out Bump

Michigan Wolverines – 4 Out, 1 In Post Iso

4 Out, 1 In Zone Offense

4 Out Squeeze Flare

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