The FastModel PlayBank Reaches 10,000 Total Diagrams! | #PlayBank10K

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FastModel PlayBank #PlayBank10K Road to 10K

The PlayBank is celebrating a major milestone having reached 10,000 total plays and drills! Join us for 10 days of 10K. #PlayBank10K

There’s no other way to begin this post other than thanking all the coaches out there. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without our loyal coaching community and hard-working TeamFastModel contributors – the foundation of the PlayBank is built on these passionate coaches. The dedication to sharing and growing the game is unparalleled and we’re grateful to have every single one of you along for the ride with us.

If you haven’t done so yet, bookmark the PlayBank website; we’re just getting started! And just in case you’re unfamiliar, the PlayBank is a free resource which coaches anywhere in the world can utilize. If you do happen to have a FastDraw subscription, it becomes even more valuable as you can download plays and drills directly to your library. There you can edit, customize and organize plays however you like – but most importantly, you’ll never lose them ever again!

Now, on to the exciting stuff. We’re celebrating all week with 10 Days of 10K. Check out our #PlayBank10K hub page featuring the most downloaded diagrams in a new category every day:

  • Day 1 – ATOs
  • Day 2 – Drills 
  • Day 3 – Horns
  • Day 4 – 4 Out & 5 Out
  • Day 5 – Zone Offense
  • Day 6 – Shooting Drills
  • Day 7 – Early Offense
  • Day 8 – Press Breaks
  • Day 9 – BLOBs
  • Day 10 – SLOBs

We’re also going to be dropping a free “Best Of The PlayBank” playbook on the last day – sign up on the hub page to get it exclusively via FastTrade. Then join the party on Twitter by following and using the hashtag #PlayBank10K over the next 10 days!

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Road to 10K

Here’s a quick look back at the FastModel Playbank from day one to now.

In January 2011, we published our very first play ever, which was aptly titled “1”:

If you’re wondering what is the most downloaded diagram of all time, it’s this Indiana Pacers – Wheel SLOB:

Most Popular Types of Actions

Most Popular Types of Drills

Most Popular Situations

PlayBank By The Numbers

A whopping 737,410 total diagrams have been downloaded in the PlayBank’s history. We’ll be sure to update everyone when we cross the 1 Million downloads mark!

December 2021 was the second largest traffic month ever, amassing 739,106 page views.

March Madness continues to be a huge month for the PlayBank. We’re hoping for the 2022 NCAA Tournaments to bring us record numbers.

You can read more PlayBank stats from 2021 in our Top 21 Plays & Top 21 Drills of the year posts.


NBA Team Diagrams

Why Coaches Love the PlayBank

First off, we’re biased. Second, the reasons vary, so we’ll let our top users and contributors tell you straight from the source.

“I love the PlayBank because I can search by various actions. I love picking up little details on actions I didn’t think about before.”

Matt Hackenberg

Share Your Favorite FastModel PlayBank Diagrams

The best thing about the PlayBank? There is a play or drill diagram for everyone. Let us know your favorite by tagging us on Twitter and using the hashtag #PlayBank10K!

Thanks for all the support in making the FastModel PlayBank the best basketball XsOs resource on the internet. Now let’s get to 20,000!


Get the “Best Of The Playbank” Playbook sent right to your FastDraw library!


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